Mark Ruffalo as Worldbreaker Hulk Fights Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in One of the Hardest, Most Badass Marvel Arts

A new fanart with Mark Ruffalo as Worldbreaker Hulk has certainly intrigued fans

Mark Ruffalo as Worldbreaker Hulk Fights Hugh Jackman's Wolverine in One of the Hardest, Most Badass Marvel Arts


  • The Hulk has many variations in Marvel comics
  • Among those variations, Worldbreaker Hulk is the strongest by a mile
  • A new fanart featuring Mark Ruffalo as Worldbreaker Hulk has made fans go crazy
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Mark Ruffalo is undoubtedly one of the most well-known actors in Hollywood right now, as he has acted in many iconic movies over the years. This includes Shutter Island, Now You See Me, Zodiac and many more.

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Of course, Mark Ruffalo is now most famous for his role as The Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which began with 2012’s The Avengers and has continued to this very day, in various movies and even the MCU spinoff She-Hulk.


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Mark Ruffalo dressed up
Mark Ruffalo in Zodiac

Who Is Worldbreaker Hulk?

The world of Marvel comics is full of various iterations of established comic book characters and The Hulk is no exception. While there are numerous versions of Hulk, there can be only one who is the strongest of them all and in Hulk’s case that is Worldbreaker Hulk. Some fans hope Mark Ruffalo will portray this character as well.


According to Awesome Hulk Fandom, Worldbreaker Hulk was introduced in World War Hulk #1. He is the strongest version of the Hulk without any peer. This version of the Hulk has invulnerability superhuman strength, speed, stamina, leaps, and durability, anger empowerment, regeneration, transformation, disease immunity, decelerated ageing, reactive adaptation and telepathic resistance.

His feats of strength include destroying a planet in the Dark Dimension, shaking the entire Eastern Seabord and many other such feats. All in all, Worldbreaker Hulk is definitely not someone to mess with.


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Hulk smash
A panel featuring Worldbreaker Hulk

Insane Fanart Featuring Mark Ruffalo And Hugh Jackman Shows How Good A Potential Fight Can Be

It has already been established that Worldbreaker Hulk is the strongest Hulk in the history of Marvel comics, but he has yet to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in any shape or form. That doesn’t mean fans have stepped wishing for him to debut in the future.

Mark Ruffalo showing face
Mark Ruffalo in the MCU

In order to build up hype for a potential Worldbreaker Hulk debut, a Marvel account on Twitter shared an insane fanart of Mark Ruffalo as Worldbreaker Hulk facing Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. Needless to say, the fanart has already made fans more interested in seeing a potential clash in the future. After all, with Hugh Jackman being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the upcoming Deadpool 3, fans could see Wolverine and Hulk clash very soon – which would be a dream come true for fans.


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