‘I’m fine…I’M FIIIIIIINE’: Friends Star David Schwimmer Left Shocked After Mark Ruffalo Revealed He Hasn’t Watched the Show Yet

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Friends, a renowned 90s sitcom, created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, is nothing short of legendary. The impact on the audiences that the show had was immense, and profound, and can be felt to this day. The series’ reach was (and still is) so widespread that you could walk up to someone and they’d easily understand any reference you throw at them. Lines like “How you doin’?” and “I’m fine. Totally fine.” have become a part and parcel of everyday jargon involving pop culture phrases.

David Schwimmer as Ross Geller Friends
David Schwimmer as Ross Geller

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To think that a show as successful as Friends has not been viewed by someone is almost unfathomable. However, it seems to be so that one of Hollywood’s finest talents falls under the category of people who have yet to watch the esteemed sitcom. As Mark Ruffalo was chatting with Graham Norton on his show, a shocking revelation was unraveled that might be enough to stupefy fans of the eminent MCU actor.


MCU Superstar Mark Ruffalo Has Not Watched Friends

David Schwimmer was shocked to know Mark Ruffalo's secret
David Schwimmer was shocked by Mark Ruffalo

Last year, David Schwimmer made his first appearance on The Graham Norton Show. He was joined by Shutter Island alum Mark Ruffalo, comedian and writer Nick Mohammed, and Episodes star Tamsin Greig. Norton had remarked that the Friends star, who we have seen depicting Ross Geller throughout the series, had never been on the talk show before. To this, Schwimmer humorously responded, “Thanks for never inviting me.”

Norton expressed his gratitude for the Intelligence actor’s presence. He, then, redirected Schwimmer’s attention toward Mark Ruffalo. As claimed by the show host, Ruffalo happens to be a “unicorn.” The MCU legend was then requested to tell an interesting fact about himself. Seemingly clueless, Ruffalo responded, “I come from Kenosha, Wisconsin.”

Mark Ruffalo FandomWire
Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner

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Taking matters to his hand, Norton then revealed another fact about the 13 Going on 30 alum that caused an uproar in the audience — who let out gasps of shock in unison, pure traditional Sitcom-style. David Schwimmer, who was sat next to Ruffalo, feigned faux offense. In reality, the situation was as funny to him as it was to the rest of the audience.

To further elaborate on such a bewildering revelation, Ruffalo defended his case and said:

“I’ve seen.. a lot of— parts of it. It’s not— no, no, it’s not you! [David Schwimmer], it’s me.”

Schwimmer, unknowingly or knowingly, made a vague callback to one of his lines in the 90s sitcom and affirmed, “It’s totally fine!” Norton then remarked that not watching Friends is a rare occurrence, usually unheard of. Ruffalo agreed, stating that he must be the only one among the audience present who has not had the chance to watch the Emmy-winning comedy series yet.

Friends (1994-2004)

The other guests on the show also played up on the joke, adding their own hilarious tidbits. The Pallbearer alum assured them that he would send them all a DVD set of Friends, which appeared to be an agreeable deal. 

Friends Star David Schwimmer Was Totally (Not) Fine

Graham Norton, in a later segment, mentioned that the influence of the sitcom is ever-so-present; it’s almost as if the David Schwimmer-starrer is still airing. While many people yearn for a comeback of the late 90s-early 2000s show, the host affirmed that there was no need for it, as Friends will continue to rule over the hearts of the masses year after year.

David Schwimmer pokes fun at Mark Ruffalo
David Schwimmer poked fun at Mark Ruffalo

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Poking lighthearted fun at Ruffalo, Schwimmer attested that the phenomenon is much similar to “being a superhero.” On a more sincere note, the sitcom legend stated that the entire cast of Friends was overjoyed to realize that the show still has an audience. Youngsters even today actively enjoy the premise and people who have already watched it, keep coming back to it time and again.

The MCU star, cutting in, stated that his daughter is amongst those young people who watch the show. To this, Schwimmer had the most hilarious reply, which proved that he was definitely, totally (not) fine after Ruffalo’s revelation:

“You’d think that’s a father-daughter activity! Anywho!” 

The entire interaction reaped a chorus of laughter from the audience who were as amused as David Schwimmer.


It is evident that he wouldn’t be letting go of this anytime soon. Either way, we can only hope that Mark Ruffalo has gotten around to watching the historic, ever-so-popular, Friends. Check that off the bucket list.

All episodes of Friends are available for streaming on HBO Max. 

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