Mark Wahlberg, 52, Uses 1 Life Hack to Stay Shredded – But Can it Stop Aging?

Mark Wahlberg, who previously made headlines for his fitness and health regiment, shed light on the benefits of cold plunges in the morning.

Mark Wahlberg, 52, Uses 1 Life Hack to Stay Shredded - But Can it Stop Aging?


  • One of the superstars in the film business, Mark Wahlberg, is well-known for his rigorous fitness routine and disciplined lifestyle. 
  • The actor has recently acknowledged that he modified his regimen to concentrate more on recuperating, adding cold water immersion—more popularly known as "cold plunging"—which has benefited the celebrity.
  • Wahlberg's new habit has found popularity online, with some claiming it can help prevent aging and lengthen life. But what does research have to say about it?
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Mark Wahlberg is among the Hollywood talents whose disciplined and intricate training and workout regimen made headlines. Previously, the actor posted his daily schedule (not accounting for shoot days/acting gigs) on Instagram stories. It consisted of the Uncharted alum waking up at 2:30 A.M., followed up with praying and eating breakfast, and subsequently bulldozing through a 1 hour 35 minutes workout session. A second workout would follow suit in the evening.

Mark Wahlberg in Transformers: The Last Knight (2017). Credit: Paramount Pictures
Mark Wahlberg in Transformers: The Last Knight (2017). Credit: Paramount Pictures

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In 2023, reports suggested that the star, currently 52, made a few recovery and rest-prioritizing adjustments to his rigorous wellness routine. This included incorporating a viral longevity trend you may have encountered on social media platforms or observed other celebrities following—cold plunges/ice baths. It’s one of the few methods the actor hopes to extend his life with, he confirmed.


But are the trend’s alleged longevity and anti-aging properties credible, or is it the usual unfounded internet murmur? Let’s have a look.

Mark Wahlberg Incorporates Cold Plunges And Ice Baths In His Routine

Mark Wahlberg explained the benefits of cold plunges on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.
Mark Wahlberg explained the benefits of cold plunges on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

If you’ve seen Wahlberg’s Instagram, you’d know the 52-year-old is enamored with cold plunges in the morning and enjoys posting various clips of him doing so on the platform. He wouldn’t be the only one to find himself following the trend. Most of the world, through the internet, has caught wind of it. Incorporating cold exposure in wellness routines has become the talk of the town, and many social media bloggers and Hollywood celebrities have been found endorsing it.

The Transformers star, in particular, hasn’t shied away from vocalizing his love for the trend.


In various interviews, the actor has discussed the significance of including cold plunges in his wellness routine. Much recently, appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Mark Wahlberg informed the host that ice baths can facilitate achieving one’s fitness goals. He further stated that he doesn’t risk missing out on this latest addition to his wellness routine, committing to it wherever he travels and stays. Following was his statement:

“Wherever I go, I do my cold plunge. […] It’s so good for you. I mean, the benefits of an ice plunge—It should be the first thing you do every day when you wake up. […] You will be able to achieve whatever your fitness goals are if you start doing [it]. That’s one of the many important things to recovery and fitness.”

Mark Wahlberg in Uncharted (2022)
Mark Wahlberg in Uncharted (2022)

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Starting his mornings with ice baths was something the actor also mentioned to Fox News. Affirming the importance of prioritizing recovery as he grows older, he stated:


“There’s no reason why anybody, never mind somebody at 52 years old, needs to be training seven days a week and then doing two-a-days. [For recovery] God has given us the best possible gifts. One of them is sleep …. and also even cold water. [Taking a cold plunge] is definitely something that I look forward to in the morning.”

Wahlberg stated in the same interview that he could hope to “drag this beautiful thing called life for as long as possible” if he concentrated on recovering and utilizing cold plunges, rests, and moving his body as required. Although such treatment, particularly ice baths, has gained the reputation of a longevity trend, are the promises that come with it true? Is there any proof to validate its use for lengthening one’s life span and conserving one’s youth?

Experts’ claims imply intriguing results.

Cold Plunges Help With Anti-aging And Life Longevity — Fact Or Fad?

Mark Wahlberg loves cold plunges!
Mark Wahlberg loves cold plunges, but do they work?

According to Health News, most of the research on the longevity of cold therapy has reportedly been conducted on fruit flies and mice. Based on various studies involving these animals, scientists anticipate that cold therapy’s benefits may also work wonders in humans. It is essential to remember that human research is still in its infancy, and the available data may not provide strong evidence for the claims attributed to the viral trend.


When Parade sought the opinion of a geriatrician on the potential anti-aging properties of cold water immersion, Dr. Marzena Gieniusz, MD, of Northwell Health, stated, “Claims of cold plunges promoting energy and rejuvenation are still not confirmed,” According to the expert, it is believed that exposure to the cold can help minimize systemic inflammation, which could be an element in chronic illnesses that expedite aging. 

Health News additionally mentions the “rate of living” theory, which is said to be favored by a few researchers, is one of the many hypotheses associated with cold therapy. According to this notion, a lower temperature lengthens life by reducing the rate at which different metabolic processes react.

Wahlberg taking the plunge!
Wahlberg takes the plunge!

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One of the experts Parade talked to, about a theory that revolves around the notion that taking an ice bath accelerates metabolism to counteract the effects of aging, claimed more evidence is needed to verify this.

When it comes to the proven benefits, it is asserted that the shock received from the cold exposure helps the body release endorphins. This could prove beneficial in battling stress. Sore muscles can also be relieved by a cold immersion, as per Healthline. Lastly, it may benefit your central nervous system by promoting sleep (which in turn reduces fatigue).

However, there are some hazards associated with the procedure, including the risk of hypothermia, cold shocks, and even cardiac arrest in individuals with pre-existing cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure.


Therefore, it’s crucial to consider your body’s and health’s demands before mindlessly adhering to celebrity-promoted and social media-championed wellness tips.


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