“Marketing for this movie has been terrible”: ‘Elemental’ Predicted to Perform Worse Than Chris Evans’ Lightyear, Fans Enraged as Quality Dips

"Marketing for this movie has been terrible": 'Elemental' Predicted to Perform Worse Than Chris Evans' Lightyear, Fans Enraged as Quality Dips
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Pixar is all set to finally give a pushback with Elemental to the constant box office bombs of the last few years following the pandemic shutdowns.


Bringing a magical story of a fiery girl and a go-with-the-flow guy who live in the Elemental city where people of all elements co-exist in the theaters, they hope to charm the audience into a story of harmony.

Disney and Pixar's Elemental
Disney and Pixar’s Elemental

Not only that, they also strive to portray how people who seem entirely different both from nature to appearance, might end up having more things in common than not. However, it seems that the box office predictions of this first Pixar original since Onward back in 2020, are not exactly uplifting per se.


And although people keep debating over the reason behind that, there is one reason that keeps coming back to the forefront in regard to Elemental bombing. That is the lack of proper marketing even with the first teaser dropping last year.

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Elemental is predicted to do worse than Lightyear

2022 saw Disney’s attempt to revamp the Toy Story franchise with a completely new sci-fi take on the original characters. The intergalactic adventure with Chris Evans coming into voice Buzz Lightyear, though did not exactly fare well at the theaters.

Disney's Lightyear
Disney’s Lightyear

Not only that, but it even gave birth to some controversies that saw a specific scene being cut from the movie initially before it was finally restored. Basically, the problem with the movie was nothing else than it featuring LGBTQ+ characters who happen to share a kiss onscreen, as couples often do.

Not only that, but the movie took the story and turned it inside out by making it almost a proper sci-fi flick with characters who were much more realistic, seemed too “woke,” and “not children-friendly,” for a part of the audience.

Pixar's attempt at showing love in diversity in Elemental
Pixar’s attempt at showing love in diversity in Elemental

As such, Disney’s attempt to show inclusivity and the different types of families that exist in society with a fascinating space adventure plot bombed.


Unfortunately, Elemental, too, is predicted to not only bomb at the box office but do even worse than Lightyear, as people claim that many are not even aware of this movie’s existence yet.

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Fans angry over Elemental predictions due to bad marketing 

The recent update on box office predictions for next month brought terrible news for Elemental. While some people keep pointing to them not connecting to the story, because of how “woke,” it seems, and hence boring, others claim that the quality of the studio’s stories and production both have dipped quite a lot over the last few years.

Elemental | Official Trailer

And them losing that special Pixar spark is why there hasn’t been a proper hit like the old times for the last few years.

However, the real reason for a lot seems nothing other than terrible marketing as even with the teaser for Elemental dropping last year, the movie has failed to reach a wider audience. Something that is obviously making fans angry enough to vent their frustration on Twitter.




However, it should also be mentioned that a big factor behind the movie getting lost in the crowd seems to be the massive competition it would be facing.

From Fast X, The Little Mermaid well into their theater runs, and The Flash, predicted to become one of the biggest movies of this year, starting its journey alongside Elemental it is understandable that the movie might fall behind.

However, as these updates change regularly, it is hard to say for sure if it will indeed bomb or surprise people with a pleasant outcome until the movie arrives at the theaters next month.


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Elemental is set to be released at the theaters on June 16th, 2023. 

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