Tom Hanks Fought Against Disney to Stop It From Ruining $3.2 Billion Worth Toy Story Universe

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Tom Hanks is synonymous with some of the most iconic and memorable roles in Hollywood. From intense one-man shows to powerful biographies and lighthearted comedies, the star has covered the gamut proving that he is quintessential Hollywood royalty with two Oscar wins back to-back for Philadelphia and Forrest Gump.

Tom Hanks
Hollywood star Tom Hanks

Apart from the wide array of characters he has played, Hanks is also responsible for making Woody, the affable and kindhearted toy in Pixar’s Toy Story a household name. The pioneering animated feature and its sequels that went on to win many hearts and a whole lot of awards, also have Tom Hanks to thank not just for voicing the lead character, but for also wholeheartedly supporting the franchise to ultimately gain its cult status.

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Toy Story Instantly Impressed Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks spoke about his association with the cult animated series Toy Story and what initially attracted him to be part of the franchise. The Cast Away star who brought alive Woody, one of the most loved characters of the Pixar venture, said that he was on board with the script right from the get-go as he hadn’t heard or seen anything like what Pixar was attempting to do at that time. Speaking of the film, Tom Hanks said,

“The computer-generated animation itself had a look that was hyperreal, you know? But then also the marriage of the outraged voice of mine inside this outraged body of a toy was — I mean, it was just undeniably great”

Toy story
A still from Toy Story

Hanks also praised the franchise for its seamless blending of the narrative over 4 films and the emotional bond that every character shared in the story. He lauded Pixar’s bravery and commitment to creating stories that surpassed their previous script despite high pressure to deliver.

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Here’s How Tom Hanks Helped Toy Story Gain Its Cult Status

Pixar’s Toy Story franchise is one of the most memorable film series that pioneered a whole new method of storytelling in animation combining profound emotion with lighthearted humor. A large part of the film’s success is thanks to Tom Hanks who voiced the kindhearted cowboy toy Woody making him one of the most endearing characters across animated features of all time. But Hanks did just more than lend his voice. He was instrumental in giving the franchise its identity and save it from oblivion.

Despite Toy Story’s stupendous success in theaters, there were serious talks about sending its sequel Toy Story 2 straight to DVD without it releasing on the big screen. But when Hanks and Tim Allen who voiced Buzz Lightyear got wind of this new plan, they vehemently opposed it. The actor echoed Allen’s thoughts as well when he said,

“Tim and I and everybody else connected with it wanted to know why. We said it should be released as a film because it was magnificent and as good as the first one. Usually, sequels are pale imitations and are slapped on video but this was really great,” 

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks was instrumental in Toy Story’s popularity

Thanks to the unconditional support of its main star, Toy Story went on expand into more sequels and received widespread praise from audiences and critics across the world. While Toy Story 4 was released as late as 2019, there are talks that a fifth installment is also in the works.


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