Martin Freeman Branded a Racist for Calling Lucy Liu an Ugly, Unattractive “Dog”

Martin Freeman’s wry wit did not go down well with viewers who called out the actor for his seemingly racist remarks about Charlie’s Angels star Lucy Liu.

Martin Freeman Branded a Racist for Calling Lucy Liu an Ugly, Unattractive "Dog"


  • Martin Freeman’s 2015 comments on Lucy Liu is being widely discussed. The actor referred to Liu as ugly and unattractive while also calling her a dog, eliciting harsh criticism online. Freeman’s controversial comments on his children are also receiving backlash following the trailer of his latest film Miller’s girl.

From playing the lead role in The Hobbit series to essaying Dr Watson in the British drama series Sherlock Holmes, Martin Freeman is a popular face in Hollywood. His MCU gig as Everett Ross has given him further recognition worldwide. Freeman is also known for his wry wit and humorous opinions on various issues.

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Martin Freeman
Martin Freeman in The Hobbit

But the British star went a bit too far with his joking games when a seemingly lighthearted quip backfired on him. Freeman’s comment on Asian American actor Lucy Liu did not land well with viewers and fans across the world. In a 2015 interview, the Marvel star is seen insulting and making racist remarks about Liu while comparing his Dr Watson performance to her American version of the same character.


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Martin Freeman Called Out For Racism After Controversial Lucy Liu Comment

Hollywood stars Martin Freeman and Lucy Liu may have very different aesthetics as actors, but share a common character in the famous Dr Watson from the Sherlock Holmes stories by Arthur Conan Doyle. While Freeman essayed the character in the British series starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the genius detective, Liu portrayed a contemporary American version of the character in Elementary.

Lucy Liu
Martin Freeman was criticized for his racist remarks on Lucy Liu

While both performances were very different and equally appreciated, the Black Panther star got eyes rolling with his controversial statement about Liu and her performance as Dr Watson, In a 2015 interview on YouTube, Freeman’s lighthearted banter about the Kill Bill star has come back to bite him. In what is now being termed as an extremely racist opinion on his part, Freeman said,

“I met Lucy Liu at the Emmy’s who was charming but very ugly. And she’s a dog, come one, she’s a very unattractive woman.”

While Freeman was obviously being sarcastic about Liu’s appearance and appeal, his trademark wit did not go down well this time with audiences and fans across the world.


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Netizens React To Martin Freeman’s Racist Comments After Miller’s Girl Trailer

Martin Freeman’s popular humor has been the actor’s signature over the years. However, following the trailer of his film Miller’s Girl with Jenna Ortega, Freeman’s past comments on popular star Lucy Liu is creating quite a stir on social media. In a 2015 video, the Cargo actor is seen calling Liu unattractive and ugly along with using the word ‘dog’ to describe her.

Martin freeman
Martin Freeman and Jenna Ortega in Miller’s Girl

In the light of the Miller’s Girl trailer which looks to be exploring some disturbing themes, the British star’s earlier comments which were obviously intended as a joke, has received a lot of flak for the inherent racist tone. Many fans took to social media to express their displeasure towards Freeman for being insensitive and tone-deaf towards Liu. The actor has earlier faced backlash for admitting that he hit his kids and uses foul language with them.

With Freeman now getting the wrong kind of publicity before the release of his latest film, it remains to be seen how audiences respond to Miller’s Girl following the actor’s controversial comments in the past.


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