“Marvelʼs marketing is crazy”: Life Imitates Art for X-Men ‘97 as Extreme Geomagnetic Storm Rages After Magneto’s EMP Blast in Episode 8

Magneto's electromagnetic pulse was so strong that NOAA reported a G5 geomagnetic storm this Friday.

Magneto in Xmen '97


  • X-Men '97 Episode 8 saw Magneto unleash a strong electromagnetic pulse across the Earth.
  • On Friday, NOAA reported a G5 geomagnetic storm has reached Earth and may cause disruptions.
  • Marvel Studios adapting this storyline proved their creativity and respect for science.
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Spoiler Warning for Episode 8 of X-Men ’97.


X-Men ‘97 is never short of exciting surprises for fans, and with the release of Episode 8 earlier this month, it seemed that one of the major scenes in the series crawled out of the screen and burst open into the world.

magneto x-men '97
Magneto in X-Men ’97

In the said episode, Magneto released an epic blast across the Earth that wiped out all sources of power. This Friday, a report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) claimed that a G5 geomagnetic storm has reached the Earth. Was this Magneto’s doing?


Geomagnetic Storm Hits Earth, NOAA Issues Warning For Severe Impact

The NOAA gave a warning to the public as soon as they detected a geomagnetic storm hitting the Earth. On a scale of G1 to G5, the latter is the strongest and most extreme. Radio transmissions and satellite navigations are expected to be affected. NOAA stated (via CBS News):

Widespread voltage control problems and protective system problems can occur. Some grid systems may experience complete collapse or blackouts. Transformers may experience damage.”

NOAA explained that the impact of the geomagnetic storm could disrupt not only sources of power but lines of communication as well. 

Geomagnetic storms can impact infrastructure in near-Earth orbit and on Earth’s surface, potentially disrupting communications, the electric power grid, navigation, radio and satellite operations. [The Space Weather Prediction Center] has notified the operators of these systems so they can take protective action.”

noaa g5 alert
G5 Alert from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Geomagnetic storms can also mean aurora borealis or the northern lights. Sightings of these could be expected in some areas. The first time the administration issued a G4 warning was twenty years ago.


NOAA also warned the public to be “properly informed of storm progression” as these conditions mark a “major disturbance in Earth’s magnetic field.” A moderate solar radiation storm was also observed by the agency that could affect people in aircraft.

While this is quite a rare occurrence, Space Weather Prediction Center service coordinator Shawn Dahl said that the event last Friday was “pretty extraordinary.” Indeed, there is an average of 100 geomagnetic storms every solar cycle. At this moment, only three had been observed.

X-Men ‘97 Might Have Just Predicted A Rare Disturbance Of The Earth

magneto emp xmen 97
A scene from X-Men ’97 where Magneto unleashes EMP

Was Magneto’s electromagnetic pulse attack on X-Men ’97 Episode 8 so strong it traveled through reality?


In a video clip shared by X-Men Updates on Twitter, Magneto is shown traveling across the North Pole to emit a widespread electromagnetic pulse, causing a major wipeout of all electronic devices on Earth, and even the activated Prime Sentinels.

The page captioned it with, “Marvelʼs marketing is crazy,” a testament to the studio’s creative production as well as respect for science. X-Men ‘97 adapted many interesting storylines, including Fatal Attractions, a major crossover event in the X-Men universe.


Magneto similarly released an EMP so destructive it wrecked all satellites and disrupted Earth’s electrical systems. X-Men ‘97 continues its narrative with only one remaining episode in the chamber.

Be sure to catch Episode 10 this May 15, 2024, only on Disney+.


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