Marvel Cleverly Put 10 Easter Eggs In Ms. Marvel Episode 4


🚨 Warning: Spoiler ahead for Ms. Marvel Episode 4! Do not read if you haven’t watched 🚨

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1. The episode opens with a callback to a scene from the Ms. Marvel comics. Kamala visited Karachi to meet her grandmother Sana in Ms. Marvel Issue #12. This is also Kamala’s first visit to Sana in years. 

Ms. Marvel Episode 4

2. If you look keenly inside Kamala’s grandmother’s art studio, you can spot small newspaper clippings that show the different events in Pakistan’s history

Ms. Marvel Episode 4

3. There’s a free comic hidden in this episode! You can spot the QR for this comic when Kamala is walking through the Karachi street market. The guy taking polaroid photos has a QR code on his stand. These QRs that lead us to various free comics were started through the episodes of Moon Knight.

Ms. Marvel Episode 4

4. As Kamala walks past the market and reaches Karachi train station, you can spot an Ant-Man mural on a wall where he’s shown growing from small to big. Ant-Man seems to have become a people’s favorite in this post-Thanos world.

Ms. Marvel Episode 4

5. This Ant-Man mural that we saw in Karachi train station was actually a tribute to Adrian Alphona by artist Saira Hussain. Adrian was the artist of the first-ever Ms. Marvel comic book that came out in 2014.

Ms. Marvel Episode 4

6. Kamala comes face-to-face with Kareem aka Red Dagger in this episode. Kareem asks Kamala if all masked Americans come with superpowers to which Kamala replied that maybe she’s Canadian. Iman Vellani is actually a Canadian.

Ms. Marvel Episode 4

7. Since we’ve been introduced to the Red Dagger of MCU, aka Kareem, we might as well learn more about this character. In the comics too, Kamala and Kareem cross paths in Karachi during her visit. Later when Kamala goes back to New Jersey, she meets Kareem again on a student exchange program in her school class.

Ms. Marvel Episode 4

8. Kareem’s Red Dagger outfit is identical to his Ms. Marvel comics attire. He’s often seen wearing a green shirt with a red scarf tied around his face, as we saw in this episode.

Ms. Marvel Episode 4

9. While standing with her grandmother on her rooftop, Kamala has a very gripping conversation with Sana about how they both are still looking for a place where they belong. A similar dilemma features in Ms. Marvel Issue #12. Kamala quotes in the comic that she’s “too Pakistani” in America, but a little too American when she’s in Karachi.

Ms. Marvel Episode 4

10. After spending some time training with the Red Daggers, Waleed and Kareem gift Kamala a blue vest which is a nod to Kamala’s comic book attire. Ms. Marvel has signature shades of red, blue, and yellow on her suit.



BONUS: It’s interesting to note that the closing credits of this episode don’t reflect New Jersey backgrounds. Since Kamala has traveled to Karachi, the backdrops of the closing credits showcase different locations in Karachi.




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