Marvel Comics Disses MCU – Gives Juggernaut a Reality Warping Punch That Can Shatter Infinity Stones, MCU’s Most Powerful Weapons Till Date

Gives Juggernaut a Reality Warping Punch That Can Shatter Infinity Stones, MCU's Most Powerful Weapons Till Date
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In a wonderful albeit late discovery, Marvel now has a secret weapon against the Infinity Stones, in case they surface again, namely Juggernaut. The might and strength of the creature are beyond comprehension, and that too on a good day. But as per X-Men #88, the gifted power of Cain Marko that we have witnessed up until now is not the only extant of his energy. And when he is able to access his full capabilities, he can do more than just be invulnerable.

The Juggernaut
The Juggernaut

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Marvel Accidentally Discovers the Infinity Stones’ Kryptonite

In a surprising twist, new information comes to light. New Avengers #3 published in 2013 and written by Jonathan Hickman, Steve Epting, Frank D’Armata, and Joe Caramagna showcased an incursion happening when Captain America was forced to use the Infinity Stones as a necessary evil. Although the reality-defying powers of these gems have time and again proved to be detrimental to any cause, some occasions call for it in lieu of the victory of good over evil and right over wrong.

Marvel comics depicts the destruction of Infinity Stones when transported out of their reality
Marvel comics depict the destruction of Infinity Stones when transported out of their reality

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In the 2013 Marvel comics issue, the Stones, however, proved useless in the end as they were destroyed when taken out of their original reality. Therefore, it’s now a subject of accidental discovery that the gems of one Earth would essentially be impotent on another, either too weak to be used or simply shattering upon displacement outside their universe. If that information can now be made canon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the fact paired with the arrival of America Chavez, who can travel through universes on a whim, can be a powerful weapon against any future (although improbable) menace caused by the Infinity gems.

The Juggernaut Proves Essential to the Survival of the MCU

With all of the facts stated overhead, the Marvel universe can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that a fact as simple as multiversal travel can render an Infinity Stone useless. But a further discovery now becomes the icing on the cake. The 1999 issue of X-Men #88 portrayed the mighty Juggernaut losing all control and accidentally punching a hole through the space-time continuum. Whether this is simply a displacement between dimensions or if his powers extend to that of multiversal travel remains to be examined.

Juggernaut punches a hole through dimensions
Juggernaut punches a hole through the dimensions

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But if the full strength of the Juggernaut does possess the capacity to invariably travel to an alternate dimension, and we now know that the stones cannot survive in another reality, this basically just makes Cain another secret weapon against the Stones. Since the comics are not as unilateral as the canonical MCU and the superheroes are more powerful than depicted on-screen, this new discovery can certainly be brought into a reference in the foreseeable future of Marvel comics.

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