Marvel Fans Break Down in Tears as Iman Vellani, Brie Larson Share First Captain Marvel-MS. Marvel Pic Together

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Many interesting series and movies have been released by Marvel in Phase 4, but not all of them have been well received, including many big titles such as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Black Widow, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and many more.

Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel using her powers

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The mini-series Ms. Marvel also has the fans divided, with many finding it passable and lacking excitement, while others find the character charming and relatable. But it broke Marvel’s record of a movie starring the titular character that was a recently-originated Marvel Comics character.


Ms. Marvel and her powers

Expanding their diversity, Marvel’s Ms. Marvel originates from Pakistan. The Muslim teenager from Jersey City is an avid fan of the Marvel Superheroes and realizes her powers at an AvengerCon cosplay contest.

Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel/ Kamala Khan played by Iman Vellani

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Unlike the character in the comics, it seems like Ms. Marvel’s powers come from her family heirloom, a bracelet that she wields. The bracelet seems to have cosmic energy, similar to Shang-Chi’s ten rings.


Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel Team Up

Ms. Marvel played by Iman Vellani is a big fan of Captain Marvel and this info hasn’t gone unnoticed by the fans. Considering Kamala Khan’s love for Captain Marvel, Fans have taken it as a hint toward the cameo of the Cosmic Avenger.

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Ms. Marvel
Captain Marvel has been teased to feature in Ms. Marvel, with the finale still set to release.

To add more to the excitement, both the actors were seen sharing a laugh at the Disneyland Paris event. With the next episode set to release this week on the 13th of July, fans are clamoring to see the characters pair up in the finale of the mini-series.


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Ms. Marvel is now streaming on Disney+.


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