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Marvel Fans Demand Henry Cavill as Wolverine after Hugh Jackman Retires: ‘He has the looks and physicality to pull it off’

Henry-Cavill Hugh-Jackman

Henry Cavill has officially left the DC Universe for good, paving the way for another actor to take up his place as Superman of the franchise. Since then, the rumors of him joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been rather wild. Some fans stated that he could play Sentry as if the character was made for him. Others claim that he as Captain Britain would be ideal.

Henry Cavill gets support from fans for James Bond role.
Henry Cavill

What might not be seen as easily or rather thought about in an instance would be Henry Cavill as none other than Wolverine. It is no doubt that Hugh Jackman plays the character perfectly and it would be a difficult task to replace him were he to ever retire from the role. However, if that were to happen, Cavill could be an ideal choice to step into his shoes.

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Henry Cavill Could Be A Great Wolverine After Hugh Jackman

When it comes to playing a superhero, Henry Cavill has done an amazing job with Superman. Not only did he make the character his own, but he also left a mark with his acting. Whomsoever will be stepping into his shoes, will have a difficult time meeting the audience’s expectations as they will be compared to Cavill for a very long time. Although now that the actor is moving to the front of the role, fans suggest that out of the various Marvel superheroes and villains open for him to bring to life, Wolverine might not be a bad choice either.

Hugh Jackman FandomWire
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

When it comes the time for Hugh Jackman to retire from his iconic role, perhaps Henry Cavill could take up his position as Wolverine. He is physically perfect for the role and it is not a question of how talented of an actor he is. So to perhaps see him take up the role and continue with Jackman’s legacy could be a sight to behold.

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Fans Want To See Henry Cavill As Wolverine

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

According to fans, they are more than excited to one day see Henry Cavill perhaps take up the mantle of Wolverine. They point out how he could be ideal for the role and bring justice to the character after Jackman steps away.

While canonically this may be impossible considering Logan’s death, it could be made true with a possible reboot. The introduction of the Multiverse has opened an enormous amount of possibilities that fans can experience. So Cavill as Wolverine could definitely happen one day.

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