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Marvel Fans Share No Context Doctor Strange 2 Spoilers. How Many Can You Solve?

Doctor Strange 2 - Missed Opportunities
Doctor Strange 2 - Missed Opportunities

The Marvel Cinematic Universe which is considered to be one of the big franchises always filled with spoilers. With Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness becoming a new trend, fans, who wants to discuss the film online without spoiling it, have found a solution in no-context spoilers.

As the opening week of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Twitter is loaded with no-context spoilers for the new Marvel film. From memes to out-of-context parallels, fans are using the new social culture to celebrate its latest Marvel film.

Spoilers of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Ahead!

If you want to watch Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness without having a single spoiler, then you may not want to read further. These no-context spoilers might not provide you with the plotline but it has the power to dampen the viewing experience later, which doesn’t seem like a good idea. However, if you have already watched the film, then let’s dive right into it.

For clarification, No-context spoilers are usually random pictures, gifs or even videos, which do not have any connection to the matter being talked about, but those who are aware of the original matter can understand the context.

Twitter has become a medium where ardent Marvel fans are sharing these no-context spoilers of Doctor Strange 2. Somewhere or the other, they have shared clues that are portraying different moments from the movie.

Here are some of the no-context spoilers shared by fans on Twitter.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness brought together some Marvel alumni as the secret society of superheroes known as the Illuminati from Earth-838. The first picture refers to how Wanda aka The Scarlet Witch instantly killed Charles Xavier’s neck in the film. The second image refers to a scene where Wanda uses a reflection in a gong to crawl into a room and attack Doctor Strange. The third image originally from Marvel’s own show Falcon and the Winter Soldier denotes Captain Carter who died in the movie while the last picture refers to the moment when Wanda uses her witchcraft to silence Black Bolt and kills him.

This picture refers to the moment when Wanda warns Reed Richards, leader of the Fantastic Four, to withdraw from the battle otherwise he will die and that actually happened!

This refers to the moment where Doctor Strange confesses his love for Christine.

This is for Captain Carter who was killed by Wanda and her last words were “She could do this all day.”

Can You Solve these No-Context Spoilers?

No-Context Spoiler
No-Context Spoiler of Doctor Strange 2






No-Context Spoiler
No-Context Spoiler of Doctor Strange 2

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