Doctor Strange 2 Confirms Marvel’s Strongest Omega Level Mutant God Is Now in Mcu

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is raging in theaters across the world. And it truly is as what they had promised -a total multiverse of madness. While fans remain divided on Sam Raimi’s experimental take on the story and the MCU superhero genre, the movie did have a lot of good highlights. We already knew Patrick Stewart’s Professor X is coming as a member of the Illuminati. While the X-Men may be a while away, Doctor Strange 2 has already teased the Marvel Multiverse houses one of reality’s strongest Omega Level Mutants.


And here’s how this MCU hero makes his way to the movies.



Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – Mutant Connection, Explained

Doctor Strange judged by the Illuminati
The Illuminati

Multiverse of Madness gives us the first ever look at the legendary Illuminati. And the Illuminati have some really epic members in their roster. There’s Hayley Atwell playing Captain Carter – the First Avenger. Lashana Lynch plays Captain Marvel. Anson Mount reprises his role of Black Bolt. Chiwetel Ejiofor plays Master Mordo, Sorcerer Supreme of Earth-838. John Krasinski is Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. And then there’s Patrick Stewart, who plays Professor X.

Professor X a more accurate portrayal
Patrick Stewart – Professor X

Professor X coming into the MCU movies signals the second coming of the X-Men and the mutant race in future MCU phases. But it is another member of the Illuminati who is connected to the Omega Level Mutant powerhouse who was teased in Multiverse of Madness and is hinted to exist in the Marvel Multiverse.

John Krasinski’s Mister Fantastic Confirms Franklin Richards

John Krasinski Mister Fantastic
John Krasinski Mister Fantastic

For the uninitiated, Mister Fantastic aka Reed Richards and Sue Storm aka Invisible Woman, get married in the comic books and have two children – Franklin Richards and Valeria Richards. Valeria Richards, the youngest of the two, has a level of intelligence that rivalled that of her father’s even when she was just a kid. But Franklin Richards had a different kind of ability. Blessed with the mutated genes of his mother and father, Franklin Richards had the X-Gene in him. And it activated at birth. Franklin Richards had the power to rewrite reality as he wishes before he could even walk.

Franklin Richards - Marvel Comics
Franklin Richards – Marvel Comics

Before he learned how to speak, Franklin Richards created a pocket universe that led to the infamous Heroes Reborn story arc. In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the Scarlet Witch asks Mister Fantastic if he has any children before the Illuminati engage her in combat. Mister Fantastic reveals he does. And that seemingly confirms that Franklin Richards, Marvel’s strongest Omega Level mutant God, exists in Earth-838.

Why Franklin Richards In Doctor Strange 2 Is Important

Franklin Richards - MCU
Franklin Richards – MCU

There are many reasons Mister Fantastic revealing his children is important. Franklin’s sister Valeria has a history with Marvel’s greatest ever super-villain – Doctor Doom. Franklin has squared off against many cosmic heavyweights of the Marvel Cosmos. There was an issue where an adult Franklin Richards defeated and enslaved Galactus. The Devourer of Worlds became his Herald. Franklin Richards coming to the MCU would be absolutely huge.

Scarlet Witch - The Darkhold
The Scarlet Witch

It was Earth-616’s Scarlet Witch that killed his father. Earth-838’s Franklin Richards will obviously be angry. His father died a horrible death, the Scarlet Witch literally cutting his body into ribbons. he would be angry and upset. Given his ability to break open the fabric of reality and his sister being one of the smartest minds in the Multiverse, there is a high possibility that Franklin Richards finds his way to Earth-616.

Franklin Richards - Omega Level Mutant
Franklin Richards – Omega Level Mutant

Will it be because he wants to avenge his father’s death or because he wants to get closure – is a question that’s as good as anybody’s guess. What we do know is that MCU referencing the most powerful Omega Level Mutant in a big budget movie should not be taken lightly. There’s obviously more to it than that.


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