Most Powerful Immortals In Marvel Comics, Ranked


The Marvel comics have a plethora of superheroes, each of them with distinct abilities. Some have an origin story while others were born superheroes. Each of them even has a different source of power and comes from different galaxies across the universe. Marvel comics has a few heroes who are humans with special gifts. While others are gods. But some of the Marvel comics superheroes no matter how much they are hurt can heal. They can save the universe forever thanks to their immortality. Here are the most powerful immortals in Marvel comics.

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1. Hulk is the most powerful character in Marvel comics

Hulk strong immortals in marvel comics

One of the most powerful and longest-living characters in the Marvel comics has to be Hulk. He was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and made his debut in The Incredible Hulk. Bruce Banner is a scientist who accidentally got exposed to gamma radiation and turned into a green muscular monster. Though his nature as a hero is conflicted. He has been shown in multiple timelines and universes. It means that he will be around as the last line of defense. He is also called the strongest Avenger.


2. Wolverine has incredible strengths to survive

Wolverine strongest immortals in marvel comics

One of the strongest mutants of the Marvel comics, Wolverine is a part of the X-Men. He is strong, has animal-keen senses, and most importantly he has quick regenerative skills. His healing abilities give him long life and also make him immortal. No matter how grave the injury is, Wolverine can recover from it. In the comics, he is shown to live well into the future.

3. Thor is a God himself

Thor is one of the stronest immortals in marvel comics

With magic and Godlike abilities, Thor also became immortal. The people of Asgard used their magic along with advanced knowledge to create a fruit that brings immortality, known as the Apples of Idunn. Also, Thor Odinson is among the ones who took it, and he lives for a long long time. He is shown to become King Thor living with his children and grandchildren. He is one of the heroes who would stick around for a while.


4. The Sentry is not just immortal but also powerful

The Sentry stronest immortals in marvel comics
The Sentry

It is known in the marvel comics that the Sentry is one of the most powerful in the universe. After finding out that his archenemy Void is returning to Earth, Robert Reynolds takes on the suit of The Sentry again. But when he returns to Earth, no one remembers him. It turns out that he has two personas in him, and Void is just his second personality. His powers come from a super-solid formula and have given him immortality.

5. Jean Grey is the most powerful telepath

Jean Grey strongest immortals in marvel comics
Jean Grey

Another X-Men team member, Jean Grey is the most powerful telepath in marvel comics. She has used her abilities to help the team win a number of battles. Also, she is the host of the Pheonix Force. Her connections with the Phoenix Force give her immortality. Also, the cosmic powers give her the ability to heal. She can even be resurrected if she dies.


6. The Thing is the strongest immortal hero of Fantastic Four

The Thing strongest immortals in marvel comics
The Thing

Ben Grimm or as he is commonly known as The Thing is the most powerful one on the team of Fantastic Four. After being exposed to radiation, he got the ability to transform a living rock. But he can only turn into a human for one day every year. Being transformed into a rock also means he stopped aging and so he is immortal. He only ages a day when he is human. Means he’d be around for a long time.

7. Nightcrawler is quasi-immortal

Nightcrawler strongest immortals in marvel comics

One of the X-Men who also is immortal is Nightcrawler. Being the son of Mystique and the demonic villain Azazel, Kurt has mutant abilities. He has the ability to teleport and was working in a circus before Professor X found him. He found a purpose after becoming an X-Men. Kurt was once resurrected after death, after which he found he is quasi-immortal. He is unable to age but he feels every injury.


8. Franklin Richards is the immortal hero of the multiverse

Franklin Richards strongest immortals in marvel comics
Franklin Richards

In the Marvel comics, Franklin Richards has the power to make thoughts real. But in one of the alternate universes, Richards of Earth 12665 has become immortal. He is the adult version of the character and managed to gain powers to defeat two celestials. This could mean that he is immortal. Also, brought back Galactus from the unconscious state.

9. Hope Summers has unbelievable powers

Hope Summers strongest immortals in marvel comics
Hope Summers

Another mutant and one of the most powerful characters of the Marvel universe. Hoper Summers is the adoptive daughter of Cable. She has omega-level powers and has been the target for groups for a long time. Phoenix Force was also targeting Hope during the Avengers vs X-Men storyline. She with the help of Scarlett Witch works to harness the Phoenix Force. This gives her immortality and restarts the mutant-kind.


10. Madame Webb has a number of abilities

Madame Webb strongest immortals in marvel comics
Madame Webb

Cassandra Webb or Madame Webb was born paralyzed and blind. But her mutant abilities give her the powers to see the future, telepathy, and clairvoyance. She is tied to a chair cybernetically that helps her with bodily functions. The technology offers her immortality. But she has faced death and was cloned. She even appears in astral forms.

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