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‘Just as a Complete F*ck You Move to DC’: Marvel Fans Ask Kevin Feige to Cast Henry Cavill as Sentry in Secret Wars After WB Snubs Superman Fans

Some Marvel fans on Twitter are expressing their love for actor Henry Cavill. It is no surprise to know that many comic book superhero fans, even beyond the franchise of DC, have a deep affinity for the Man of Steel alum. Besides having played a character that is deemed one of the most iconic fictional characters ever, the actor is renowned mainly for his exuberant talent and charm. No wonder even Marvel fans want a piece of that Cavill pie in the ever-so-expanding complex world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Fans want Henry Cavill in Marvel
Fans want Henry Cavill in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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While there has been complete radio silence and a seeming lack of willingness on Warner Bros.’ behalf on confirming a potential Henry Cavill reappearance to the DC Extended Universe, MCU fans are hoping that Kevin Feige seizes the opportunity to cast the remarkable actor in Marvel Studios’ Phase 6 film, Avengers: Secret Wars in the role of Sentry.

Henry Cavill In The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Henry Cavill in the MCU?
Henry Cavill in the MCU?

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The constant resurgence of rumors and the debunking of them have proved to be a tiring affair for the DC fans. What has been frustrating to some is how there has been no visible effort on Warner Bros.’s end to make a concerted effort towards making the ‘Cavill Comeback’ a reality. While WB Discovery CEO and President David Zaslav’s recent talks of a 10-year-plan for DC have reignited some hope amongst DC fans, many Marvel fans are asking Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel Studios to consider Henry Cavill as a part of its cinematic future.

What is the role that fans have been expecting to see Henry Cavill in? Turns out, the character is none other than Sentry, otherwise known as Robert Reynolds.

The Sentry strongest immortals in marvel comics
The Sentry

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Ever since the MCU Phase 6 slate was teased at the San Diego Comic-Con, 2022, fans have speculated tons about the two new Avengers films. When it comes to Secret Wars, which is set for a 7th November 2025 release, the title itself intrigued longtime comic book fans who know exactly (or at least, a little of) what’s to come in the MCU’s future. Without giving away the expansive premise of the comics, many different Marvel heroes from the other different universes coexisted in the same world during the Secret Wars storyline. The film counterpart may see a similarly enthralling and complex plot.

As speculations continue to build up, some fans are assuming that we would get to see Sentry in the Secret Wars. The superhero is commonly compared to the Man of Steel and is even referred to as “Marvel’s Superman”. No wonder fans think this role would be a perfect fit for Henry Cavill.

What The Fans Had To Say

Would Henry Cavill be a good Sentry?
Would Henry Cavill be a good Sentry?

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Many think that if the world were to see Henry Cavill as Sentry in the MCU, it’d be a tit-for-tat response to Warner Bros.’ and how they’ve handled the DC franchise over the years. Besides, many fans of Henry Cavill would also love for their beloved actor to be a part of the Marvel narrative. Following is what the fans had to say:

While most of these claims are speculative, it’d be quite interesting to see a turn of events where the actor chooses Marvel over DC. At the moment, however, nothing is truly confirmed yet and fans of Cavill may have to wait a little bit more for any information about the actor’s involvement in either franchise.

You can catch Henry Cavill as Superman in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which is streaming on HBO Max.

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