Marvel Fans Will Lose Their Minds Over the Latest Update on The Fantastic Four After Pedro Pascal’s Casting

The MCU is rapidly expanding with characters like Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, Joseph Quinn, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach, but…

Marvel Fans Will Lose Their Minds Over the Latest Update on The Fantastic Four After Pedro Pascal’s Casting


  • The Fantastic Four, Marvel’s superhero team, has gotten an overwhelming update lately with Pedro Pascal joining the squad.
  • That being said, the absence of Doctor Doom, the archenemy typically associated with the team, has given the MCU reboot an unexpected turn.
  • According to recent rumors, Doctor Doom is expected to appear near the end of the movie, which has left fans both perplexed and disappointed.
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We were riding high when we learned that The Fantastic Four, Marvel’s beloved superhero team, is heading for a major casting shakeup, and it’s none other than Pedro Pascal joining the squad. But there is still more! How about the villain? 


The likely absence of Doctor Doom—created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby—the archenemy typically associated with the superhero team, has given The Fantastic Four’s MCU reboot a surprise twist. And this was heartbreaking for fans who had been looking forward to his much-awaited debut in the MCU. This cut was likely to confuse audiences and leave them with a number of unanswered questions, chief among them being who will fill in.  

Marvel's Fantastic Four announcement
Marvel’s The Fantastic Four announcement

To everyone’s surprise, we recently discovered—amid the highly anticipated lead casting for The Fantastic Four—that, Doctor Doom will supposedly make an appearance towards the end of the film. 


So, is Doctor Doom not in The Fantastic Four Flick, or is He?

Recently, Variety revealed the cast of the upcoming The Fantastic Four, which offered a disheartening update on Doctor Doom’s MCU debut. Victor von Doom, better known as Doctor Doom, is still “yet to be cast”, according to the outlet’s report on the announcement of Marvel Studios’ Valentine’s Day news.

Known for his role as an antagonist in the Fantastic Four films, Doctor Doom made appearances in all three of Fox’s live-action productions. Julian McMahon portrayed the character in the 2005 and 2007 movies, while Toby Kebbell did so in the 2015 reboot.

Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom (via Marvel Comics)

As if Pedro Pascal’s casting could not get any more intriguing, reports have now emerged suggesting that Doctor Doom will make an alluring presence. Unfortunately, though, the last scene of the movie will feature him. If the latest rumors are to be believed, Doctor Doom will supposedly show up toward the end of the upcoming July 25, 2025, release of the film. Once the filming gets started, the role will be filled. 


Even though the new Fantastic Four film might not feature Doctor Doom as the primary antagonist, he might still play a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A major theme in the upcoming movie may also be the Fantastic Four’s link to the multiverse, an idea that is now central to the MCU.

The multiverse is a perfect backdrop for the team’s upcoming film because their comic book adventures frequently entail traveling between dimensions and coming across alternate realities. Not only does this narrative device allow for more varied storytelling, but it also leaves the possibility of more appearances from Doctor Doom.


Marvel to Cast Galactus as the Primary Villain Of The Fantastic Four?

In the void left by Doctor Doom, a number of characters emerge as potential new enemies.

Normally, the Super Skrull—a version of which made an appearance in Disney +’s Secret Invasion show—would be a contender, but history of usage indicates otherwise. Also, if Marvel decides to stick with Kang in spite of the controversy surrounding Jonathan Majors’ real life, then there are some intriguing possibilities as well.

In more specific terms, there are whispers that Javier Bardem could portray Galactus, the cosmic force capable of lending The Fantastic Four reboot a distinct air of grandeur and horror.

Galactus (via Marvel Comics)

When Galactus is introduced in the next film, possibly starring Bardem, it presents an opportunity to play the antagonist with the depth and gravity that the role demands. Galactus could be portrayed as a truly terrifying and formidable foe, heightening the intensity of the Fantastic Four’s struggles, especially considering Bardem’s solid performance history.

Well, the online speculation and fan theories are running wild, as we are all eagerly awaiting additional information and developments regarding this casting bombshell.

The Fantastic Four is set to release on July 25, 2025.


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