Marvel Kicks Out Renowned Artist After He Posts Anti-Semitic Image

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The Marvel Universe is known worldwide for its great action and the hard work and dedication portrayed on the screen. Not just on-screen but a lot of effort and hard work of months and years go in behind the scenes. And, of course, the portrayal of the phenomenal characters is incomplete without amazing and unique sketches and designs. So much effort is put into costumes, character portrayal, action-packed scenes, and graphics. Marvel has a fan base with no age bar and not within counting heads, so the franchise needs to be careful of what they portray without hurting the sentiments of people. With the marvel family being so strict and formal in their work, it would be extremely silly and stupid of someone to post an anti-Semitic image on social media.


Recently, the famous comic artist Joe Bennet, who has worked on several Hulk comics, was removed from the Marvel family after posting an anti-Semitic image on social media. Marvel Comics has confirmed it and is moving forward with a new innovative team on Timeless. Quite shocking, but no doubt it’s entirely true.

Joe Bennet’s Posts Anti-Semitic Images


As more anti-Semitic work resurfaced, Al Ewing described the image as:

“An armored swordsman, which I assume represents Bolsonaro given Joe’s commentary, slaughters tiny, scurrying people with the buck teeth and ears of rats. And big noses.”

However, many comic artists, as well as fans, feel that the depiction is highly insensitive. Ewing publicly severed his relationship with the artist after becoming aware of the image he describes as “reprehensible.”

Al Ewing also calls out the anti-Semitic caricatures in the art, having an undeniable political agenda.

Al Ewing also calls out the anti-Semitic caricatures in the art, having an undeniable political agenda.


The new artwork features Jair Bolsanaro, the President of Brazil, having an undeniable political agenda. His political opponents are portrayed with big noses, and one of them cosplaying Dracula. Ewing says that: “I assume these are political enemies of some kind, but even if not the troops are apparent. “ However, the sketch is no longer up, but it was signed and drawn in the first place by Joe, and then so proudly displayed speaks volume. Next move – Marvel kicks Joe Bennett out from the Marvel family.

It wasn’t the first time this happened. In February, this year itself, there was a similar controversy with Bennett. Though at that time, Bennett was expressing remorse over the artwork calling it as: “Wrong, hurtful and offensive in many ways.” Though he also claims it as an honest but terrible mistake.

Al Ewing won’t work with Joe Bennet again

Al Ewing ends his Twitter thread by clearly stating that he won't work with Joe Bennet again, providing an apology to everyone.


With once again an anti-Semitic work resurfacing on social media by Joe Bennet, Ewing states that:

“I have spoken behind the scenes, but that’s no comfort to people are the sharp end of this kind of brutal propaganda. My lack of public visibility on this has let people down, and I apologize.”

Not just that, but he also shows his commitment to an apology. He shares the screenshot of donations that he made to Rainbow Railroad and the Rainforest Trust.

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