Marvel Removed Major Thor: Love & Thunder References From Moon Knight

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American Television miniseries Moon Knight is well known for its interesting narration abilities, but the most conspicuous is the way it explored more into the Gods of the MCU.


This is not something that was previously worked upon, especially when there’s one within the ranks of the original Avengers. Looking at Moon Knight, viewers get to meet Khonshu, the Egyptian God of the Moon who pulls strings in the entire storyline.

Thor: Love and Thunder and Moon Knight
Thor: Love and Thunder poster along with Moon Knight

Apart from Konshu, fans also got to view several others, including Taweret, Ammit, and the entire Ennead. With all these characters involved in the game, many might be thinking about how they might perform after Thor: Love and Thunder as Christian Bales Gorr, the God Butcher is introduced.


The character has a talent for slaughtering Gods, this is in fact his expedition. Now, that Moon Knight has already concluded on May 4, audiences are aware that there weren’t any references to the Thor: Love and Thunder upcoming events hidden in the series.

Let’s unveil some of the references!

Thor: Love and Thunder references in Moon Knight

Moon Knight and Thor 4
Moon Knight reference to Thor 4

In an interview with The Direct, head writer and executive producer of Moon Knight, Jeremy Slater told that the series referred to Thor’s: Love and Thunder, particularly to Gorr the God Butcher.


The Head writer was asked how much Chris Hemsworth’s adventure was factored in the breakdown of Marc’s story, to which he replied, “Both a lot and a little.”

Slater revealed that there “were different versions of the script[s],” which would be a reference to Thor: Love and Thunder. He added, “But at that time, Thor didn’t necessarily have a concrete release date either.” There were several versions of the script that the Gods might talk about Gorr the God Butcher.

Slater told that they “had versions of the story that teased Gorr’s arrival, and [ones] that were sort of taking place in the aftermath of that movie,” but “Marvel just made the creative decision” that they didn’t need the reference.


“I think Marvel is getting very smart about how they sort of work in those references and cameos, and they’ll do it if it makes sense,” Slater said.

Acknowledgements of Gorr Cut from Moon Knight

Moon Knight
Moon Knight Disney + series.

If Gorr is killing Gods that catches even Thor’s attention, one might think it would have been noticed by all Gods on Earth. That makes sense as there might be alternate versions of Moon Knight for this very reason, it would have required to be addressed if the show came out afterwards.

Based on how Slater told about the alternative dialogue mentioning the aftermath of Thor: Love and Thunder, it looks like Gorr The God Butcher won’t be entirely successful in his mission by the time the film comes to a close. It might be a possibility that Thor simply diverted Gorr’s attention away from Midgard so that the remaining Gods on the planet would be safe.


Providing that The MCU eventually returns to Marc Spector’s journey, Gorr’s activities would come up in conversation at one point or another.

Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney+, while Thor: Love and Thunder will be released on July 8.


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