Moon Knight Season Finale: Is [SPOILER] Still an Avatar Now

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The Disney+ series by MCU, Moon Knight, released its finale today. The finale was full of twists and turns just like the rest of the series. But the ending did not impress many. For a series as thrilling as Moon Knight was, the end seemed quite simple. Despite that, the episode did give us some high points. One of them was when Layla agrees to become a (temporary) avatar of Tawaret. Though, as said by Layla, the agreement was temporary, the show did not really show us whether the contract was broken. So is she still an avatar of Tawaret.


Layla’s superpowers becoming the avatar in Moon Knight

Layla helps Moon Knight in defeating Ammit
Layla helps Moon Knight in defeating Ammit

In an attempt to fight Ammit and help Marc, she agrees to become the avatar of Tawaret for a while. Tawaret had approached her before and told her to awaken Khonshu to fight Ammit. Also, she offers Layla to become her avatar. But she seems reluctant and even denies Khonshu the same. But when she sees her life is in danger, she realizes that taking the help of the goddess is the best choice. And so the Scarlet Scarab is born.

Layla becomes Scarlet Scarab in Moon Knight finale
Layla becomes Scarlet Scarab in the Moon Knight finale

Now, Layla is an amazing fighter, without or without the help of a God. But with Tawaret’s powers, she becomes even more powerful with her superhuman abilities. Her costume has these metallic winds that allow her to fly, protect, and attack. Also, she has two gold daggers as weapons. Plus, as she is the avatar of Tawaret she might have her rejuvenating abilities as well.


Is Layla still an avatar of Tawaret now?

Layla might still be Tawaret's Avatar in Moon Knight
Layla might still be Tawaret’s Avatar

Though Layla agreed only to become a temporary avatar, the show did not show Tawaret releasing her free, like Khonshu is shown to release Marc/Steven from the agreement. So the question remains, is she still an avatar. It could be that the Scarlet Scarab remains and it is the entry of another Marvel comics hero into the MCU.

Not much has been revealed about the future of the character. But the fans were more than happy to see the new version of Scarlet Scarab on screen. She is powerful, strong, and kind-hearted. Marvel fans definitely want to see more of her and we would probably get to. As Moon Knight’s season finale ended with a cliffhanger, there will be further seasons.

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