Marvel Resurrects Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man From the Dead in ‘I Am Iron Man’ 5 Part Limited Series on Tony Stark’s 60th Anniversary

Marvel Resurrects Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man From the Dead

It’s been over six long decades ever since one of Marvel’s most important characters, Iron Man/Tony Stark, made his debut in Marvel’s comics, spawning generations of fans devoted to the superhero. One of Stan Lee’s greatest characters alongside Thor and Spider-Man, Tony Stark made his very first appearance as a Marvel character in Tales of Suspense #39all the way back in 1963.

The world is currently 20 percent done with the 2020s, however, for Marvel fans, the next year will mark a very important milestone- 60 years of Tony Stark! In efforts to celebrate the 60th anniversary of one of its flagship characters, Marvel will be looking to honor Stark’s superhero persona with a new & exciting comic series.

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Marvel’s Iron Man Is 60 Years Old, Here’s How Marvel Plans To Celebrate

Tony Stark’s popularity is quite immense among Marvel fans, being one of the very few characters in Marvel’s lore that is thoroughly loved with and without his suit.

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It only made sense that a majority of Marvel fans were pretty disappointed that Kevin Feige approved the green light on doing away with the character played by Robert Downey Jr. at the end of Avengers: Endgame.

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But all things must come to an end, and Marvel fans have to get into this new phase of the MCU, and this time without the character that started it all back in 2008. Catch this though, at least they’ll be getting a sick new five-part limited comic series!

Marvel is pretty aware that Tony Stark is the talk of the town when it comes to the most loved MCU superhero. While they won’t be bringing back Tony Stark in any future MCU installments, they surely have space for him in the comics!

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Marvel officially announced that they’ll be releasing a new comic series called I Am Iron Man in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the character’s creation. The five-part limited series will explore “the greatest battles” in the character’s history in the new comic series, with Murewa Ayodele set to write and Dotun Akande as the artist.

Ayodele explains what he and Akande plan on going with their creative minds when creating I Am Iron Man-

“Every issue of I Am Iron Man is set in an iconic era of Iron Man, explores some deep emotional wounds of Tony Stark, is adrenaline-pumping with exciting set pieces, and is rendered in beautiful illustrations by Dotun Akande.”

“It’s the series for Iron Man fans and anyone that has ever wanted to get into Iron Man comics.”

From what he says in the last line, it seems like we’ll be getting a pretty entry-level comic series for everyone to enjoy, hopefully without any compromise in quality!

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Fans Are Super Excited For I Am Iron Man

It is truly one of the greatest times to be a Marvel fan as the MCU stands on top of the world as the most marketable and largest movie franchise ever, paving the way for more less-known characters to make their way into a live-action adaptation.

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It all started with the first movie in the MCU, Iron Man, back in 2008, and ever since then, the franchise has aged like fine wine. The world-famous Tony Stark is canonically dead in the MCU, but he lives on in the comics!

The announcement of I Am Iron Man in celebration of sixty years of the armored superhero has gotten fans off their seats. Here’s how Twitter’s reacting-

Amazing artwork, to be honest-

Gordon Ramsay approves-

All of us are-

It’s a blessing that we’re witnessing its peak-

I Am Iron Man will release next year in the month of March, which was the very same month in which the character made his debut back in 1963!

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