5 Marvel Secret Projects That Could Be Kept Under Wraps


Is it possible there are Marvel Secret Projects in the works that we aren’t aware of yet? Following D23 Expo the Marvel community is both excited and disappointed for what was revealed during the epic Disney event. We received trailers for Secret Invasion, and Werewolf By Night. We were introduced to the entire Thunderbolts lineup. Captain America: New World Order confirmed that Danny Ramirez, Carl Lumby, and Tim Blake Nelson would be joining the cast as Falcon (Joaquin Torres), Isaiah Bradley and The Leader respectively. The Leader was confirmed to be the villain of the aforementioned Cap film. We received updates on Armor Wars, Daredevil: Born Again (both are set to begin filming next year), Ironheart (Ryan Coogler will executively produce), and Fantastic Four (Matt Shakman confirmed to direct). Yet we received no tangible information about the casting of the Fantastic Four, no tease at an X-Men project, or even a World War: Hulk film. Here are five of the Marvel secret projects that could be actively keeping under wraps in development.

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5. World War: Hulk

Marvel's World War Hulk
Hulk during Black Bolt battle in World War Hulk (2007)

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Marvel does not have the distribution rights to create a Hulk film and profit from it due to Universal owning distribution rights to the character until 2025 reportedly. Mark Ruffalo has stated he wants to play the character as long as Marvel will allow him to, so it’s a no brainer that he’ll receive a solo film. With his recent involvement in She-Hulk and his mysterious exit, it’s the perfect plot device to segway into a World War: Hulk film. This is definitely a Marvel secret project that could be brewing right in our faces.


4. Midnight Sons

Marvel's Midnight Sons
Fan Art created by Greg Smallwood featuring Doctor Strange, Moon Knight, Blade, Hannibal King, Hellstrom, The Punisher, and Johnny Blaze’s Ghost Rider.

This is one of the most talked about potential projects from Marvel and the momentum for a feature film is consistently gaining traction. This film could cement Marvel’s versatility and lean into exploring the Horror aspects of its comics further. Providing another one of those Marvel secret projects they could execute on with momentum.

3. Deadpool 3

Marvel's Deadpool
Image via Deadpool (2016)

Deadpool is most certainly the most anticipated solo character to come to the MCU from the Fox Merger deal, and we have yet to see anything about the film outside of its guaranteed R rating. Marvel has stated that the project is a priority and has placed its predecessors on Disney Plus with Parental controls available for families. Still, we have no real information on the film. We’re left in the dark, so we have yet an increasing amount of Marvel secret projects.


2. Young Avengers

Source: Discussing Film
Young Avengers collage via Discussing Film

The Young Avengers is something that has been brewing since the beginning of Phase Four and continues to introduce important characters slowly among Disney Plus shows and feature films. This is a heavily speculated project and with Kang acting as the big bad of the forthcoming phases. This is an in-your-face Marvel secret project for sure.

1. Mutants (X-Men)

Marvel's X-Men
X-Men Legacy (2012)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             We have yet to see anything other than Kamala Khan being a Mutant regarding what could be a Mutants or X-Men film. It’s title depends on how Kevin Feige wants to continue to refer to the characters while distancing from the Fox universe. The biggest Marvel secret project yet, and it could be the best of the bunch.



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Written by Toriono Newkirk

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