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Marvel Star Jeremy Renner Puts Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine To Shame As He Walks Without Cane 7 Months After His Snowplow Accident

Marvel Star Jeremy Renner Puts Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine To Shame As He Walks Without Cane 7 Months After His Snowplow Accident

While Marvel Studios are merging the X-Men franchise into their expanding cinematic universe, Hugh Jackman’s comeback as Wolverine is what fans are most excited about. 

With Logan, Hugh Jackman made his intentions clear about retiring the iconic character. But Ryan Reynolds worked his Deadpool magic and we’re getting The Wolverine back, although unclear for how long.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

The Wolverine’s special ability is his fast healing. But now, it looks like his other Marvel co-star Jeremy Renner has beaten him to it.

Renner, aged 52, had to face blunt force trauma in an accident on New Year’s this year as he had been spending time with his family. It has been seven months since, and the actor’s recovery is no less than miraculous.

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The Wolverine Heals Fast, Jeremy Renner Heals Faster

Logan (2017) saw Wolverine’s fast healing powers slow down due to the adamantium. But we’ve witnessed his aggressive healing and temperament over the years in several X-Men films.

Renner’s injuries were devastatingly bad and his torso and chest had been crushed under the snowplow, RadarOnline’s sources told. 

Jeremy Renner recovering in Hospital
Jeremy Renner recovering in Hospital

“If I was there on my own, that would’ve been a horrible way to die. And surely, I would have. Surely. But I wasn’t alone. It was my nephew, sweet Alex. And the rest of the cavalry came,” Renner said to Diane Sawyer in an interview.

Jeremy Renner has become more or less of an X-Man himself as his body is now put together with titanium rods, metals near his eye socket and rib cage, and screws to hold his jaw.

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Jeremy Renner Spotted Walking Without Cane At A Birthday Party

During the time of his life and death situation, sources close to the actor told that he wasn’t sure if he would make it out of that. But, looking back now, Jeremy Renner has defied all odds.

Pearl Harbor actress Kate Beckinsale recently celebrated her 50th birthday on July 26. Celebrities like Demi Lovato and Demi Moore attended the party, but Jeremy Renner stole the show.

Jeremy Renner and Casey Affleck
Jeremy Renner and Casey Affleck

Arriving in style, Renner wore a denim jacket and had no cane with him. His close friend Casey Affleck accompanied him as they walked past the paparazzi.

“My recovery affected so many people, my family, my friends, and the show [Rennervations] is a great representation of that,” told Renner in an earlier interview with Entertainment Tonight.

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Back in June, Jeremy Renner confirmed that his return to Marvel Studios is highly likely and we may even get to see his Hawkeye interact with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

Rennervations is currently streaming on the Disney+ app.

Source: ET Online


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