‘I Think It’s a Win-Win’: Marvel Studios Attorney Paul Sarker Hints Tom Holland’s MCU Return for Spider-Man 4


An Ex-Marvel Studios Attorney Paul Sarker explains that it’s very unlikely Marvel’s deal with Sony regarding Spider-Man will be affected in the future and we can hope to watch our beloved Tom Holland as Spider-Man for a long time ahead in the future. Spider-Man’s journey in the movies has always been a part of detailed discussions as well as confusion mainly due to the policy of rights and studios.

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The Spider-Man Drama:

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All these troubles date back to the time when The Marvel Cinematic Universe was not like it is today and Marvel had to sell many of its character rights to several other studios. During this time only, the rights for Spider-Man went to Sony.

Following Sony’s acquisition, they made three Spider-Man films with Sam Raimi as the director and Tobey Maguire as the titular character. This established the first-ever Spider-Man trilogy which was further succeeded by The Amazing Spider-Man series with Andrew Garfield in the lead. The series although loved by the audience yet unsuccessful as a franchise and remained incomplete with its third concluding movie being canceled by the studio.


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So after two franchises, we finally got to watch Peter Parker in the vast universe of MCU with his first appearance in Captain America: Civil War this time played by Tom Holland. After Civil War MCU and Sony worked in unison and brought to us the immensely successful MCU Spider-Man trilogy.


This trilogy had three movies, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Far From Home, and the last one being the most popular No Way Home. Now with a successful trilogy MCU along with Sony also planned for more of it with a fourth movie officially on the slate.

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The Studios can’t leave Spider-Man:

The Ex-Marvel Attorney speaks to Screenrant, speaking about Spider-Man, and to him leaving the deal is very near to impossible with both the studios benefiting from it. With the partnership going on, Marvel can use one of its most iconic superheroes in its movies and it is a universal fact that without MCU’s support, Sony couldn’t have such a smooth journey with its wall-crawler saga. So to Paul Sarker, this is the absolute “win-win” situation for both the studios:


Creatively, I think it’s a win-win. Sony gets the benefit of Kevin [Feige] and his amazingly talented team in making their movies. Marvel gets to use Spider-Man, who is one of the most prominent characters in the MCU, in its films. I think the fans ultimately win, because seeing Spider-Man in Civil War, in Endgame and Infinity War is super-cool. And also seeing Doctor Strange or Iron Man in Spider-Man films is also very thrilling.

Paul also speaks about another way in which this deal can be everlasting and that is with Disney buying the whole Spider saga but in a long run this will be a losing move for Sony and similarly too expensive for Disney:

I think the only other option would’ve been Disney buying back the rights, and who knows how expensive that would’ve been, but long-term that wouldn’t have been a great move for Sony.

The second way is rarely to come to action as Sony can’t take the guilt of leaving one of its most active and hit franchises so it can be expected that we are going to watch Tom Holland not only in Spider-Man 4 but also in several other upcoming projects.


Source: Screenrant


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