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Marvel Studios Reportedly Conflicted on Whether Nova Should Be a Series, Movie, or MCU Special


Created first by Marv Wolfman in 1967, the superhero Nova’s first entry into the Marvel comics universe was brought along in the issue of The Man Called Nova #1 in September 1976. Ever since, the human rocket has gone toe-to-toe with multiple beings, ranging from Galactus to street-level museum robbers. With time, the Nova Prime became an integral part of alliances, often found joining forces with other well-established superheroes like Thor and Spider-Man on hunts across the galaxy or the planet.

Now, the hero’s next adventure sends him on a path charted directly for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he is expected to bring forth some much-needed boost to the formative superhero groups of the post-Endgame era.


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The Nova Corps Warrior Steps Into the Multiverse Saga

Born on Earth but imbued with Xandarian powers, Richard Rider was a teenager when he fell into a days-long coma after the Nova Corps infused him with the latter’s powers in order to fight Zorr. Rising readily to the occasion (much like Peter Parker or Kamala Khan upon discovering they had powers), Rider’s first foray into the superheroic business ended in a success and a tragedy as the defeat of Zorr also severed his connection to the last surviving Centurion of the elite Nova Corps, Rhomann Dey (the latter sacrificed himself to end Zorr’s rampage).

Richard Rider set to debut in the MCU

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Like his contemporaries, Richard Rider too found his own way to becoming a full-fledged superhero – having endured years of struggle, turning quantifiable defeats into victories, and eventually gaining the recognition and respect that he so yearned for. Nova’s near-invulnerability and his extensive powers and knowledge of intergalactic travel have made him an essential element to even out the scales for the MCU’s Multiverse Saga.

Nova Charts a Floundering Path Towards Mainstream MCU

With the events that lie ahead for the current MCU Avengers, it is apparent that without the catalytic presence of otherworldly superpowers that can challenge the Big Bad, our ragtag crew of heroes will pretty much face an easy defeat at the hands of Kang. This is where beings like Nova step in. However, there is a slight problem before Richard Rider and Sam Alexander (son of former Nova Centurion, Jesse Alexander, who also inherited the Nova helmet and with it, the powers of the elite Corps) can make their long-awaited debut in the MCU.

Richard Rider & Sam Alexander
Richard Rider & Sam Alexander

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The studio seems to be confused as to the state of the introduction of the Centurion with some insiders stating it’s set to be a special presentation while others countering it with claims of a feature film. While all parties reporting on the Nova project are reliable scoopers, in this case, the varying reports can hardly agree on anything except that the project will not be a Disney+ series.

The latest rumors suggest that the project is set to be a film. Given that both Richard Rider and Sam Alexander exist simultaneously in the latter arcs of the comics, and both are heavily involved in intergalactic events, it is doubtful how the studio would fit an introductory arc of the two within a 90/120-minute timeline.

In the comics, Richard Rider had an invested role during the events of the Skrull invasion. Considering how Secret Invasion is set to premiere soon on Disney+, the introduction of the superhero(es) may not be too far behind (perhaps even an easter egg, a cameo, or a post-credit acknowledgment could be expected in the miniseries).

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