Marvel Villains Who Are Friends With The Heroes

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Villains and heroes can be friends, too, at least in the cinematic world of Marvel. A lot of major characters went from friends to enemies and vice versa, but it is also not impossible to reconcile or compromise. Many rivalries stemmed from past wars, and it is no secret that no one in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has zero enemies.


These pairs of Marvel villains and heroes are probably the most popular frenemies. Despite having a rocky relationship with one another, they also make the best on-screen partnership. Here are our favorite Marvel villains and heroes tandem:

Loki And Thor

Thor Loki marvel villains


The Asgard brothers have always shared a strong bond despite their rivalry since childhood, from their father’s affection to the claim to the throne. They have a long history of fighting, arguing, and taking each other down. But, at the end of the day, blood is thicker than water.

With all the adventures that Loki and Thor encountered whether on Earth, in Asgard, or in space, it is only fitting that they reconcile and team up together. Good thing they made peace with each other in the movie before Loki met his untimely death.

Green Goblin And Spider-Man

Peter Parker Harry Osborn marvel villains


Harry Osborn and Peter Parker are one of the most well-known Marvel pairings. They grew up together, got separated, then reunited once more. Only this time, Harry is different. He suffers from an illness that only the blood of Spider-Man can save him.

Peter appeared to him as Spider-Man and refused to cave into his request. This drove Harry to desperation and insanity, forcing him to transform into Green Goblin. Since then, Peter and Harry became arch-nemesis.

Magneto And Professor X

Charles Xavier Magneto marvel villains


It’s always a pity when two great friends suddenly become enemies because of personal reasons. Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto have had a long history, but their friendship was ruined when they started to differ in opinions regarding the mutants’ welfare.

Professor X believes that humans and mutants can live in harmony, but Magneto thinks humans are dangerous to them. The latter’s drive to protect his co-mutants forced him to take the immoral ways, and thus he became the enemy.

Winter Soldier And Captain America

Captain America Bucky Barnes marvel villains


Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers have always been best of friends. They got each other’s backs whether in peace or in war. The accident that happened to Bucky made him the villain that he was programmed to be, and this created a rift between him and Steve.

It was a lot of struggle and effort to bring their friendship back, but we can tell it was absolutely worth it at the end.

Agatha Harkness And Wanda Maximoff

Wanda Maximoff Agatha Harkness


Agatha and Wanda met at Westview and became neighborhood best friends. They seem to get along so well until Agatha, or Agnes as she used to call her, started appearing at every major event in Wanda’s family. It turns out that she is more than just a nosy neighbor.

Soon, Agatha revealed her true form and that she is the one behind every misfortune that’s happening inside the town. From besties, they immediately became adversaries.


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