MCU: 5 Characters’ Most Memorable Dying Lines

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Death in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has always been a painful experience, especially for fans. Some of them grew up knowing and loving these characters and it won’t ever be the same when they are gone. But, death is inevitable and it is part of every MCU plot. As the saying goes, “Death is but the next great adventure.”


It is very important to make a character’s final words hard-hitting and unforgettable which will leave a long-lasting impact on the audience. Here are a couple of MCU characters and their final dying words:

Quicksilver: “You Didn’t See That Coming.”

Quicksilver MCU


A very fitting intro and outro, this is Quicksilver’s iconic line. The fact that he said this to the same person, which is Clint Barton, makes it more memorable. In the beginning, they did not get along and had a bit silly fight where Quicksilver made fun of him and uttered these words.

His tragic death at the Battle of Sokovia was a really sad scene. He tried to save a child, but he was caught in a rain of bullet fire. Clint witnessed it, and before he could speak, Quicksilver uttered this line again as a farewell.

Ho Yinsen: “Don’t Waste It. Don’t Waste Your Life.”


Yinsen is a good old friend of Tony Stark who he met when he was captured by the Ten Rings. The doctor saved Stark by removing the shrapnel from his body due to a previous bombing incident. They worked together to build the prototype of the Iron Man suit.

As they tried to escape, the soldiers went for them as they were found out. Yinsen bought some time for Tony, but unfortunately, he was caught by a bullet. Tony didn’t want to leave him, but Yinsen said he would meet his family in heaven now. Then, he spoke these words as he drew his last breath.

Groot: “We Are Groot.”

Groot MCU


Groot is absolutely the most tender and loving character in the Guardians of the Galaxy. His vocabulary is limited, but everyone seems to understand him in some way. He possesses strength and vigor beneath his seemingly innocent look.

During the final battle in the movie, Groot uses himself as a shield to protect his friends. The impact was so intense that his body was ruptured. But before that, he reassured his best friend Rocket and told him, “We are Groot.”

Yondu Udonta: “I’m Damn Lucky You’re My Boy.”

Yondu Guardians of the Galaxy


Yondu was only a side character in the first film, but he made a more significant impact in the sequel. He admits not being an ideal father to Peter Quill and saving him was his act of redemption.

Before he perished, he told Quill that he sees him as his son and he probably regrets not fulfilling his role as a father.

Tony Stark: “I Am Iron Man.”

Iron Man MCU


Tony’s death in the final battle in Avengers: Endgame broke everyone’s hearts. Although no one really wanted that, the decision became a homage to Stark’s journey in the MCU. His sacrifices definitely were not put to waste.

His last words are the most fitting and perfect line to conclude an eleven-year journey. It was the scene that gave everyone a flashback to Iron Man’s early days up until his final moments.


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