Marvel’s Brilliantly Gorgeous Thor 4 Trailer Breakdown

thor 4 trailer breakdown
thor 4 trailer breakdown
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The Thor 4 trailer is finally here folks. After months of waiting, we finally get to see our favorite Asgardian back in action again. Chris Hemsworth’s Thor 4 trailer has finally been released and it is as gorgeous as we had expected it to be. Thor 4, titled Thor: Love & Thunder, sees the return of many iconic characters including the titular hero as well as an array of well-known characters.


Thor 4 Trailer: Thor Is On A Journey Of Self Discovery

The Odinson on a journey of Self discovery
The Odinson on a journey of self discovery

The trailer sees Chris Hemsworth questioning his entire life as a God who revelled in and enjoyed war and violence. But after the events of Endgame and losing his entire family to the wrath of various Marvel villains, he is finally letting go of his grief. Fat Thor has finally hit the gym and he is about to break some serious sweat. Chris Hemsworth is no longer in a fat suit. The Thor 4 trailer shows the hero is finally back to his chiselled, Godlike looks that defy human biology. This is a Thor who is going through a self discovery phase. He now wants to be more than just a weapon.

He truly wants to be a force for good, one that builds, not destroys.


The Odinson Forsakes The Stormbreaker

Thor 4 - Stormbreaker
Thor 4 – Stormbreaker

The Thor 4 trailer sees Hemsworth’s character go through some sort of mid life crisis. Thor has gone through a lot over the years and he needs to make his peace with it. This apparently involves, as shown in the Thor 4 trailer, intense rounds of physical exercise and meditation.

Fat Thor No More
Fat Thor No More

Why does Thor leave back the Stormbreaker though? Does he believe he is unworthy of its power or is there something deeper at stake here?

Thor Joins The Guardians Of the Galaxy

Thor 4 - Guardians of the Galaxy
Thor 4 – Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy had already welcomed Thor into their team in Infinity War. Thor, who had since built a camaraderie with the Guardians of the Galaxy, seemed to have become an unwelcome part of the crew. But from the looks of it, the Guardians see him as a troublemaker.

Thor 4 - Guardians of the Galaxy
Thor 4 – Guardians of the Galaxy

Thor is being nothing but a nuisance to them and acting like a lost child.

Things Are Not Going Well For New Asgard

Valkyrie - Thor 4 Trailer
Valkyrie – Thor 4

The teaser trailer shows that things are not as well as they seem. While Thor is gallivanting across space with the Guardians of the Galaxy, his Asgardian pals over at New Asgard are facing a new kind of problem. It’s not Thanos who’s after their heads this time. New Asgard has run into legal problems. Nations do not take lightly to unknown trespassers who encroach upon their land. And Valkyrie, the ruler of New Asgard, is trying to get her people out of this international quagmire.

Thor 4 Trailer Shows Thor Has A New Best Friend – Korg

Thor 4 - Korg
Thor 4 – Korg

Taika Waititi’s fan favorite character returns in the Thor 4 trailer. Korg is definitely going to stick with Thor through thick and thin. The Thor 4 trailer sees Thor and Korg join forces. The Guardians leave in the Milano but not before leaving the duo in what vaguely resembles Sakaar, the planet that was seen in Thor: Ragnarok. Does this mean Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster is also coming back to the franchise?


Thor 4 Trailer: First Look Of Olympus & The Greek Gods

Thor 4: First Look at Olympus
Thor 4: First Look at Olympus

Russell Crowe had already confirmed that he is coming to the MCU as the Greek God Zeus. We see the first ever image of Crowe as Zeus in the Thor 4 trailer. Then there’s Olympus itself. The abode of the Greek Gods looks gorgeous as heck.

Thor 4 Trailer - Zeus
Thor 4 Trailer – Russell Crowe as Zeus

Only time will tell if we get to see Hercules in action in the movie. In the comic books, Hercules and Thor share a friendly but bitter rivalry.

Thor 4 Trailer: Thor’s Legendary Viking Ship Revealed

Thor 4 - Viking Ship Toothgnasher
Thor 4 – Viking Ship Toothgnasher

In the comics, Thor travels across planets and dimensions on a ship that is literally pulled by two magic goats – Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr. The Viking Ship in the trailer is revealed to be powered by Stormbreaker itself. In Infinity War, the Stormbreaker was shown to have access to the Bifrost. Since the rainbow bridge is no more after the events of Ragnarok, Thor using the Stormbreaker to power a ship through the Bifrost makes more sense.


Enter Jane Foster Thor, Goddess Of Thunder

Thor 4 Trailer - Jane Foster
Thor 4 Trailer – Jane Foster

Last but not the least, we finally get to see what our eyes had been craving for since so long. Natalie Portman, who wasn’t part of Ragnarok, makes her triumphant return in Love & Thunder. And she is back with a bang. The final few scenes of the trailer reveal what seems to be a ‘repaired’ Mjolnir wielded by Natalie Portman’s character. Thor is stunned. So are we.

Watch the teaser trailer here:




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