Thor 4 Theory: Thor Travels To A Devastating Future Where Gorr Has Killed All Gods

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Marvel Studios is surely experimenting a lot with the concept of time travel. After Avengers: Endgame gave us the ‘Time Heist’, we will see the quantum realm in action again in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. As a concept, time travel is becoming the new normal in the MCU. This Thor 4 theory states that Love & Thunder will also have a time travel element. According to the Thor 4 theory, the time travel part in the movie won’t be the heroes travelling to the past…..but to the future.

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Thor: Love & Thunder

And in this future timeline, we will see Gorr earn the title of the God-Butcher by killing all the Gods of the Marvel Universe. Thor must work with a new set of allies from the future timeline to stop Gorr.

Gorr Already Travels Back & Forth In Time In The Comics So This Thor 4 Theory Fits

Christian Bale Thor 4 Gorr
Christian Bale – Gorr

In the comics, Gorr was once a lowly alien who found the Necrosword and started travelling the multiverse in search of Gods to kill. His quest for vengeance took him far and wide in the universe. Eventually, he would come across a set of entities called the Time Gods. After slaughtering them, Gorr realized he could use their blood to travel in time.

Gorr the God Butcher
Gorr’s secret Weapon In Thor 4

This allowed him to kill Gods he had previously no power to even dare touch. Using time to his advantage, Gorr would travel back to a point in time when an all powerful God was still in his or her nascent stage. The Gods he managed to enslave, he took to the distant future where he forced them to work on the Godbomb – an artefact that can kill all Gods across the multiverse.

This Thor 4 Theory Also Explains The Return Of Mjolnir

Hela Mjolnir Thor 3
Hela Destroys Mjolnir

Hela turned the iconic hammer into rubble in Thor: Ragnarok. Since we know Mjolnir is coming back in Thro 4, we need to know just how can a weapon that’s already been destroyed make a comeback.

And the answer could very easily be time-travel. Since it is Asgard we are talking about, they have access to technology and magic that could very easily make this possible. The Norn Stones of Asgard, for example, have tremendous amount of magical energy in them that can warp reality. The Stormbreaker is already known to summon the Bifrost for inter-dimensional travel. What if a modified version of this feature allows Thor to travel through the time stream? This Lego set released a short while ago shows Thor riding a ‘goat ship’ powered by the Stormbreaker.

Thor 4 Lego set
Lego Thor 4 Set Reveals Everything

Sensing imminent danger, Thor could resort to time travel to travel to the past and get his trusted hammer. And somehow it ends up in Jane Foster’s hands and turns her into the Goddess of Thunder.

According To This Thor 4 Theory, Gorr’s Master Plan Is Using Time Travel To Kill All Gods

Thor 4 Gorr
Gorr The God-Butcher

While Endgame used it first, we now know for certain that are are multiple ways to time travel. The quantum realm is not the only way. Loki has shown us that the TVA deals with various anomalous time stream cases on a daily basis. That means more ways to travel through time exist across the multiverse. What if Gorr has already got his hands on such technology? What if he is now using it to travel dimensions and time streams, killing one Pantheon after another?

Thor vs Gorr
Thor vs. Gorr



The Thor 4 theory claims Thor has seen the future where Gorr wins and it does NOT look good. Maybe that’s why Thor chooses to travel through time. He is taking the fight to Gorr. Since the God-Butcher always keeps moving across time, the only way to end his reign of terror is by chasing him through the time stream. This also explains why Thor would choose to do what he does in Thor 4.


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