Marvel’s Ironheart: Dominique Thorne To Play Iron Man’s Successor

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Tony Stark came. Tony Stark saw. Tony Stark conquered. There was such a big gaping hole left in our heart when he left us all. Our conquered souls long for his presence. But life goes on. It does not wait for you to tidy up. Marvel knows it better. Ironheart, the newly announced Disney+ Series, will be an unofficial continuation of the legacy of Iron Man. And Marvel Studios has already zeroed in on Dominique Thorne. Thorne will play Ironheart aka Riri Williams in the new series.


Many thought Marvel will likely make Peter Parker the new Iron Man. Some even jokingly claimed Morgan Stark might become the new Iron Man. It was then revealed in the recent Disney Investor’s Day event that an Ironheart series is in the pipeline. The heavy Marvel slate came with a barrage of new shows for the near future. Riri Williams’ solo series was one of the many new announcements that were the highlights of the online event.


The cast members was announced quite a while ago. The series will find its lead character in Dominique Thorne. Thorne rose to fame after her role in the acclaimed 2018 movie If Beale Could Talk. She is a talented actor and will most certainly do justice to the role.

The comics have already laid out a detailed origin story as a source for the new series. In the comic books, Riri Williams is the son of the late Riri Williams Sr. Her father passed away and she now lives with her mother Ronnie and paternal aunt Sharon. Riri is a gifted genius and a woman of brilliant intellect. She gets into MIT and in her dorm, creates a high tech suit of armor. After she helps stop two inmates escape from the New Mexico Penitentiary, she catches the attention of Tony Stark. Stark is so impressed by her accomplishments that he endorses her as his successor.


The reason Riri is considered Iron Man‘s successor is because she created a high tech suit of armor with literally no resources at her disposal. Tony Stark who started off with a crude walking tank prototype that barely helped him escape the terrorists holding him captive. But Riri’s first attempt was a glaring, ultra-modern success.


No release date for the series has been announced. Ironheart is one of ten new shows Marvel and Disney+ are making under the Marvel Cinematic Universe banner.


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