Marvel’s Powerhouse Chris Hemsworth Can’t Help But Cry While Watching 1 Heartbreaking Scene From James Stewart’s Oscar Nominated Movie

Chris Hemsworth can't help but cry while watching James Stewart's It's a Wonderful Life.

Chris Hemsworth, James Stewart
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  • Chris Hemsworth and Anya Taylor-Joy revealed their top four favorite movies in a recent interview with Letterboxd.
  • Marvel star Hemsworth stated that one heart wrenching scene from James Stewart's It's a Wonderful Life always makes him cry.
  • While his Furiosa co-star Anya Taylor-Joy shared the special connect her favorite movie Forest Gump has with her love life.
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Chris Hemsworth is a powerhouse when it comes to acting. Having portrayed some of the fiercest and most formidable characters in cinema during his entire career, even the actor’s looks scream that he might be just as tough and intense in real life as he is on-screen most of the time. Despite mostly playing such powerful characters, Hemsworth has a soft, gentle heart.

Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth (PC: YouTube | Andrew Freund)
Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth (PC: YouTube | Andrew Freund)

At least that is what his top favorite movies say about him. During the promotion of his latest film, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga the actor and his co-star Anya Taylor-Joy recently gave an interview to Letterboxd and revealed their four favorite movies of all time.

Chris Hemsworth and His Four Favorite Movies of All Time

It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) | Paramount Pictures

Chris Hemsworth has often portrayed larger-than-life, often fierce characters throughout his career. The star portrayed one of the most formidable comic book characters, the Norse God of Thunder Thor in the MCU, the brooding and rugged Huntsman in Snow White and the Huntsman, a ruthless mercenary Tyler in Extraction and now portraying the vicious Dementus in Furiosa.


Yet, the actor in real life is far from his on-screen intense persona. The multifaceted individual is actually a person who values emotional depth, nostalgia, sensitivity, and narratives that explore human emotions. Or that is what his four favorite movie choices suggest.

In a recent interview with Letterboxd, Hemsworth named his favorite movies of all time and revealed that one scene from James Stewart’s Oscar-nominated classic, It’s a Wonderful Life makes him cry like a child every time.

It’s a Wonderful Life… One of my favorite films. I watch it most Christmases with my family. And we all cry when the little kid in the drugstore gets hit on the ear. ‘Please don’t hurt my sore ear, Mr. Gower!’ [mimics].

A shocking revelation, the Australian native went on to name Labyrinth, The Never Ending Story, and The Princess Bride as his second, third, and fourth favorite movies, respectively. Known for their timeless, heartwarming narratives and containing powerful themes of love, friendship, and courage, all four of these classic movies suggest that Hemsworth has a deep appreciation for emotional and moral themes, despite his brooding on-screen persona.


Anya Taylor-Joy’s Favorite Movie Has a Special Connection With Her Marriage

A still from Forest Gump
A still from Forest Gump | Paramount Pictures

While Chris Hemsworth shocked us with his four favorite movies, his Furiosa co-star Anya Taylor-Joy revealed how one of her favorite movies has a special connection to her marriage. Married to the musician Malcolm McRae since July 2022 in New Orleans (see Cosmopolitan), The Queen’s Gambit star listed her four favorite movies as Hook, Almost Famous, Interview with the Vampire, and Forest Gump.

It is her fourth favorite movie, the Tom Hanks-starrer acclaimed film that has a special connection with her marriage. In the interview with Letterboxd, the actress stated,

Forest Gump. I love that movie. I miss movies like that… My husband accidentally proposed to me on the Forest Gump bench in Savannah. And he’s a boy from Alabama, and I’m blonde, so it just happened. I hear that music, and I cry like a baby. 

While Hemsworth chimed in that he too loves that movie, Taylor-Joy mentioned how the film makes her feel every emotion under the sun. The brilliant poetic narration of the film along with the special connection it has with her love life, it is no wonder that the movie is among her top favorites.


It’s a Wonderful Life and Forest Gump can be streamed on Amazon Prime, while Furiosa is in theatres now.


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