Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Compared to Super Mario

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Compared to Super Mario
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In a rather random take, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has been compared to Super Mario, of all games. And no doubt, many fans will be left scratching their heads after the comments from Tim Gettys, co-founder of KindaFunnyVids. How could you possibly compare these two titles?


But if you stop and look at the comparison that Gettys makes, it actually makes sense.

What’s Been Said About Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man fans were treated to more details at the recent State of Play event

Gettys was speaking after the recent Sony PlayStation event, where fans desperate to find out more about the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 game were treated to an extended look at the city map.


And in his own opinion, Gettys felt that the highly anticipated Marvel game was like the jump from Super Mario 3 to Super Mario World. It has everything that you loved about the previous game, except now it’s more polished and everything is cranked up an extra level.

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So if you look at it like that, then his comments really do make sense. Sure, the original Marvel’s Spider-Man is a great game, but everything we’ve seen and heard about the upcoming Spider-Man 2 game seems to have everything dialed up to 11.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Could Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 be a GOTY contender?

And if you remember back to Super Mario 3, again, it was a great game, but Super Mario World had everything we loved about the previous game, just done in a way that was so much better.

However, some fans did pick up on a comment from Gettys in a recent video where he got to play the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 demo. He stated that if you didn’t enjoy the first two games, then the new game wouldn’t ‘win you over’.

“How could someone not like the first two games ? They’re amazing.” – @schaferwashere

“That last sentence though.. 🤔 – @saltyspatoon11

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Marvel's Spider-Man 2
The map for the upcoming Spider-Man game is said to be HUGE!!

The hype for the latest Spider-Man is unreal, with many fans saying that this has Game of the Year potential. And given that we’ve already had Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield released this year, this is a bold statement to make. But how will it stand up against the other titles? We’ll just need to wait and see.

One thing is for sure: fans are desperate to get their hands on it, and October 20 can’t come quick enough for some.

“Can’t wait for this, looks like insomniac outdid themselves once again” – @NoobyDoobyDoo22

“If this game isn’t my game of the year than I’ll be disappointed. I ******* LOVED the first 2 games.”- @DoxdyKing

But what are your thoughts on the latest news for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? Do you agree with the comments from Tim Gettys? And how much are you looking forward to getting your hands on this game? Get in touch, drop us a comment, and let us know your thoughts.


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