Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Features NPC Spidey at Times

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The release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 approaches like a lurking spider, and any news serves as fuel for the already enormous hype of fans who can’t wait to web-swing again. One thing that excites but also raises doubts in the minds of players is the participation of two “Spider-Men” in the city at the same time. Now, a report that has surfaced on the internet, it should be possible to find your crime-fighting partner as you travel across the game’s large map.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Partner Can Be Found Casually in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Features NPC Spidey at Times
While traveling as Spider-Man around New York, you can find your partner in his own routine

The mechanics of controlling both heroes in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 have been generating doubts and excitement since the post-credits scene of the first game, where Miles reveals that he has gained his powers. After Miles Morales’ solo adventure was released in 2020, control of both web-heads was pretty much a given but it was officially revealed in the first gameplay trailer that showed the exchange happening across the city.

After that, other details were added to the equation, such as the possibility of exchange between characters being sometimes limited, sometimes free, and sometimes forced, as well as some missions being exclusive to one of them and others being able to be carried out by both. Finally, the last presentation of the game during the State of Play showed suits, map, and villains, and also highlighted the fast travel or exchange between characters around the city practically instantly thanks to the powerful processing of the PlayStation 5 and the whimsical development of Insomniac.


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If anyone thought more deeply about this mechanic, an important question would arise: Will it be possible to find the other Spider-Man with an NPC on the map? Well, according to a post on Twitter/X made by the news page Culture Crave, yes, this will be possible in the long-awaited sequel to the new Marvel game series.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Partner Can Be Found Casually in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Insomniac is doing their best on the development of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

The page says: While playing #SpiderMan2, you’ll run into the other Spidey out fighting crime. Sometimes you can hop in, and then they’ll join you”. So if you were wondering whether it would be possible to casually meet Peter as Miles or vice versa, here’s your answer because it looks like that will indeed be the case. Of course, the development around this artificial intelligence that makes these encounters possible is difficult and can result in funny bugs that we may see (or not) after the title’s release.


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So when you get your hands on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, be careful when swinging around the city, because you might accidentally bump into the other protagonist carrying out his daily tasks, which adds even more depth to the already highly praised world of the Insomniac franchise.

What do you think about this? Are you excited for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? Do you think this NPC mechanic will work? Let us know in the comments!


Source: Twitter/X

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