Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: How to Beat Mysterio in ‘Grand Finale’ Walkthrough

Fight the master of illusions and deception.

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  • After completing all 9 Mysterium side missions, a Mysterio boss fight will unlock.
  • Use your webs, gadgets, and special abilities to defeat Mysterio quickly.
  • Save Miles' Mega Venom Blast for Mysterio's clones, his final phase.
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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s villain roster is packed full of recognizable foes from Spidey’s past. From Venom to Kraven the Hunter, they take the spotlight for the main story. However, there are two villains to encounter in side missions.

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One of them is Mysterio, the master of deception and illusions. After completing all nine Mysterium missions, you can fight Mysterio to put an end to his dangerous attractions. If you’re having trouble defeating Mysterio, here is a comprehensive guide on how to beat Mysterio in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.


When Do You Face Mysterio In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Mysterio's first appearance in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Mysterio’s first appearance in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

You first meet Mysterio or Quentin Beck in the story mission, Master Illusionist. After helping Black Cat escape to Paris, Ganke gives you intel on Mysterio’s new attraction at Coney Island. This story mission opens up the Mysterium side activity. 

There are nine Mysterium missions scattered across the map. They replace the Taskmaster Combat Challenges from Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018) or the Spider-Training Combat Challenges from Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Similar to those missions, you’ll be defeating enemies under a time limit alongside other conditions like not taking damage or pushing them into the void. 


After each mission is complete, you unlock a Mysterium Dev Diary. They give context to Beck and his team working on the Mysterium attraction. Highly recommend you listen to these as they add to Mysterio’s story. While it looks like Beck is trying to better himself after his time in prison, he might be slipping back into old habits. 

In addition, Beck’s business partners, Betsy Schneider and Cole Wittman, will sometimes call Miles after completing a Mysterium mission. Further developing the plot along if you happen to skip the dev diaries. Once all nine Mysterium missions are complete, Mysterio gives Miles a call for an “urgent matter” to discuss. An obvious trap but you finally get to face off against the talented illusionist. 


How To Beat Mysterio In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

After completing all nine Mysterium Missions, face off against Mysterio in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
After completing all nine Mysterium Missions, face off against Mysterio in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

The final bout against Mysterio starts with Miles getting trapped into a snowglobe. Attack Mysterio when you get the chance. Web-strike towards him with the triangle button and hit him with attacks while in the air. Feel free to use your gadgets or your special abilities. You can also mash the R1 button to web up Mysterio to temporarily hold him in place. 

Watch out for Mysterio’s beam attack and dodge accordingly. In addition, Mysterio may do an explosion around himself. You’ll see this when he starts to glow and curl into a ball. Web swing away when you see this as you cannot dodge/parry the attack up close. 


After taking quite a beating, Mysterio will send in enemies to fight Miles. You’ve dealt with plenty of these illusions in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 which should make this part relatively easy. Unleash Miles’ Mega Venom Blast by clicking the analog sticks (L3 + R3) to wipe out a large group of enemies. Don’t use your finisher bar (triangle + circle) on the horde of enemies because you can use them on Mysterio in the next phase. 

When Mysterio starts to glow and curl into a ball, web swing away
When Mysterio starts to glow and curl into a ball, web swing away

When all the enemies are taken care of, you now have to chase Mysterio through a portal. Instantly transitioning from one area to the next, use your web swinging and the web-wings to stay on course. Inside the next portal, Miles sees a weak and wounded Quentin Beck. Miles questions himself if the Mysterio he’s fighting is actually Beck. 


Now, we have to drain Mysterio’s first health bar in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. If you have two finisher bars saved up, use them on Mysterio to deal a ton of damage. A giant green skull might be hurled your way. Be sure to toss it back at Mysterio by pressing L1 + R1 when the prompt appears to deal damage as well. 

Remember to use your abilities and gadgets whenever possible. Web Mysterio up to keep him in place or interrupt one of his illusion attacks. Web-strike with triangle to get up close to land some punches. Web swing away from his explosion attack where he glows and curls into a ball. 

When a green skull is thrown your way, press L1 + R1 to toss it back at Mysterio
When a green skull is thrown your way, press L1 + R1 to toss it back at Mysterio

Once his health bar is gone, Mysterio will explode into confetti. While the fight appears to be over, there’s still one more phase to go through. When you’re back in the lobby, run towards the hallway before turning around to open the door to the next phase. It was an endless hallway illusion if you kept going forward. 

Mysterio has now created multiple clones of himself where you need to defeat every single one. Try to get into the middle of the clones before using Miles’ Mega Venom Blast, maximizing the damage output. Take out the other clones with up-close combat or your gadgets/abilities. Feel free to use your finishers as well to defeat Mysterio faster. Toss back incoming green skulls and dodge whatever other illusions Mysterio has up his sleeves. 


One last stand Mysterio takes is in front of the Ferris wheel. Try to move towards him by web zipping to nearby objects or using the web wings. Don’t be afraid to fall as Miles will automatically pull himself back up. Mysterio will be shooting lasers at you which don’t deal a lot of damage but stop your movement for a split second. When in range, hit the triangle prompt to beat Mysterio in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

The real masterminds behind the Mysterium missions, Cole Wittman and Betsy Schneider
The real masterminds behind the Mysterium missions, Cole Wittman and Betsy Schneider

Back in the lobby once more, you need to walk towards the wall in front of you. Press L1 + square to burst the wall open to show Betsy and Cole running the show. After detaining both of them, Miles is able to save Beck and retrieve the last Mysterium Dev Diary.


In the diary, it is revealed Betsy and Cole were trying to blame Beck for a scheme to trap rich people inside the Mysterium attractions to steal their money. While Miles is able to stop Betsy and Cole’s plan, he wonders how Beck will handle himself after his life of villainy. 

Using Accessibility Options For Mysterio In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

marvel's spider-man 2
Having trouble beating Mysterio? Accessibility options may help

Mysterio is one of the easier bosses in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 as parry is not required to take him down. However, there are a ton of projectiles and quick teleportation moves Mysterio has to work with. 


If you can’t time the projectile counter correctly, you can use game speed to slow down the action. It gives you a much larger window to toss projectiles back and/or get more attacks in. Other accessibility options such as QTE autocomplete and enhanced auto-aim are not that useful here since most of the combat is hand-to-hand. Lowering the difficulty will make Mysterio an easier opponent if his output damage is too high. 

And that’s how to beat Mysterio. One of the many boss fights to take down in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. There’s another optional boss in the side missions featuring a former ally.


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