Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: PlayStation All but Confirm the Appearance of This Spidey Villain In This Recent Post

Fans suspect that PlayStation may have revealed a mysterious villains identity.


  • An official PlayStation social media post may have spoiled a returning character turned villain.
  • Numerous villains have been touted to return.
  • Those familiar with the comics will recognise this particular character.
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It’s finally October which means Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has a finally within our grasp. With that said it stands to reason that promotion for the game is going to ramp up until the games launch and because of this, potential spoilers are likely to slip out or be straight-up revealed in the coming weeks. PlayStation themselves may have let the cat out of the bag with its latest post for the game teasing the identity of a new villain that Insomniac Games have yet to confirm, but many fans have speculated for a while to be included.


Potential spoilers ahead!

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s Hidden Vigilante – Who Are They?

Spider-Man 2
Could this be Wraith in Spider-Man 2?

Wraith is a villain from Spider-Man’s eclectic roster of adversaries who is a police captain turned vigilante/villain. Captain Yuri Watanabe was a police captain and Spidey’s main contact with the police before she realized how corrupt the justice system in New York had become. She left and eventually returned under the guise of Wraith to exact her own version of justice.


The last time we saw Yuri in Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PS4 was in the final City Never Sleeps DLC, where, like the comics, she leaves the police and goes AWOL presumably to take up the mantle of Wraith. With a brief glimpse at what looks to be the return of Yuri we could be lined up to see her return in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

While many fans had suspected the return of Yuri as Wraith in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, we may finally have confirmation in a post by PlayStation’s social media accounts. Uploading a post asking fans who the mysterious figure is that Peter and Miles are looking at, may have given us more information than they bargained for.

For those familiar with Wraith in the comics, many have already set their minds on this being Yuri in her new alter ego. At the same time, others speculate that this could potentially be another Symbiote akin to Skream. However, nothing is confirmed as of yet and likely won’t be until the game releases on October 20th 2023.


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What Other Spidey Villains Could there be in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Spider-Man 2
Fans suspect that this could be Mysterio

So we know that Kraven and Venom will be the main big bads of Insomnic’s sequel to the highly successful and much adored Marvel’s Spider-Man that was released for PS4 back in 2018, but what other iconic Spidey villains could we see appear? In recent teasers, we’ve seen glimpses of Mysterio and there were teases in the first game that we could see Norman Osborn suit up as one of Spidey’s most famous or rather infamous antagonists, The Green Goblin. Will we see more of ScrewBall? Could Carnage be teased after Venom is defeated? Time will tell when October 20th rolls around in just a matter of weeks.

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Insomniac’s franchise hasn’t been short of villains in previous instalments, or teasing the fact that some may have been encountered off-screen already. After all, the first game opens with Peter having been Spider-Man for eight arduous years already, so there will no doubt be plenty that we haven’t yet seen. For example, The Lizard is a prominent character throughout the marketing of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, although he was barely mentioned during the original game, he did appear in the guise of a Halloween costume.

Plenty of the villains we know and love, and even some that would have otherwise been lost to the annals of comic history have been included, so one thing is for sure, no matter what we expect, Insomniac will include plenty we wouldn’t have thought of.

With October 20th just around the corner, many fans are eagerly anticipating the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 with many purchasing a PlayStation 5 specifically to play the game, which will no doubt see another huge success for Sony and Insomniac Games. Have you pre-ordered Spider-Man 2 yet or are you waiting for day one to buy? Either way, let us know in the comments on our socials below!


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