Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Who is Kraven the Hunter?

Kraven is one of Spider-Mans longest going rivals, and will have a vital role in the Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

Who is Kraven the Hunter


  • Kraven The Hunter is a long time villain of Spider-Man.
  • Kraven will have his own feature film releasing in 2024.
  • Fans have a few different opinions on what Kraven's involvement is in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.
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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is releasing in the next few days, and there are some who are looking forward to its release who may not be aware of who Kraven is or why he is one of the big bad’s in this new installment in the Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise.


Within Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, there will be a lot of bad guys that our webslingers will be battling against throughout their story. Many of these enemies are well-known amongst Marvel fans, but Kraven is a rather unique character who hasn’t received as much time in the light as many would like.

Who Is Kraven The Hunter And Why Is He A Big Bad In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Kraven the Hunter is a long term Spider-Man villain.
Kraven the Hunter is a long term Spider-Man villain.

Kraven the Hunter is one of Spider-Man‘s rivals that he has battled for many years, and he is also one of the founding members of the Sinister Six. Kraven the Hunter is commonly referred to as the world’s greatest hunter, and his goal in life is to hunt down Spider-Man, as he sees him as the most dangerous game.


From what we have seen regarding trailers for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, this seems to be the same inspiration for the character in the game. This is evident as Kraven looks bored hunting animals and is shown a video of Spider-Man and deems him worthy to hunt, leading to Kraven making the journey to New York.

As of yet, we do not know how similar the storyline between the comics and the game is, but from what we have seen in the trailers, it looks rather similar to Kraven’s Last Hunt. This is a six-part comic storyline that was created back in 1987, in which Kraven begins to grow old and focuses his efforts on defeating Spider-Man.

Kraven the Hunter is mainly known as the worlds greatest hunter.
Kraven the Hunter is mainly known as the worlds greatest hunter.

This storyline does take a dark turn, however, as Kraven ultimately wins his battle against Spider-Man after shooting him with a gun. Kraven then dons his own version of Spider-Man’s suit and begins to take up the mantle of Spider-Man to prove he is better than Spider-Man ever was.


Even though this is a unique storyline that many would love to see on the big screen, it would be a rather difficult story to bring to a video game. In the comics, this story only includes Peter Parker’s Spider-Man and would most likely be altered with the inclusion of Miles Morales.

Currently, we do not know how much involvement Kraven will have in the overall story of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. We can only assume that he will most likely be working as a long wolf with his own crew rather than with this universe’s Sinister Six.

What Other Media Has Kraven The Hunter Been Included In?

Kraven will have his own film produced by Sony releasing in 2024.
Kraven will have his own film produced by Sony releasing in 2024.

Over the years, Kraven has been included in a few different forms of media. He may not be as well-known, but he is an effective villain who has caused a lot of chaos for many heroes over the years, but he has also been a resource for them to use in certain circumstances.


One form of media that has made its own form of Kraven the Hunter is the upcoming Sony-produced Kraven film, which will be played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson and will be released in 2024. This version of Kraven the Hunter has a slightly different backstory from his comic counterpart.

This is due to the fact that in the comics, Kraven is just a well-experienced hunter, but in this new motion picture film, he will have some unique abilities he has never had before. After being bitten by a lion and their blood mixing together, Kraven will receive the ability to use his instincts to become a more skilled hunter.

Throughout this film, we will see Kraven grow and utilise his new skills and instincts to defeat his opponents and get revenge. This film will also be quite graphic as it lets loose with Kraven and his skills of hunting as he uses knifes, bear traps, and even crossbows to defeat those who stand in his way.


This isn’t the only time that we have seen Kraven, as he has also made his debut in numerous Spider-Man cartoons as both a villain and an anti-hero. Throughout these different versions of Kraven, his main motive tends to stay the same, as he aims to become the greatest hunter and take on the greatest enemies.

What Are The Fan Theories Regarding Kraven And His Role In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Players have their own theories as to what impact Kraven will have in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.
Players have their own theories as to what impact Kraven will have in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

So far, there are a few different potential storylines that could be followed regarding Kraven the Hunter, as he tends to follow the same motive but go about it in different ways. For example, one fan theory is that Kraven will arrive in New York and begin to take out the villains that plague the city himself, in an attempt to be better than the Spider-Men.

This theory is also supported by the fact that many believe Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 story will be similar to Kraven’s Last Hunt comic storyline. If this theory is true, it would make sense that both Spider-Men are present and could also help to bring back the Sinister Six from the first game.


Another fan theory is that Kraven will somehow free the Sinister Six from prison and form a new version of the Sinister Six. This is highly unlikely, as this version of Kraven looks to be more out for himself than working together.

If anything, this version of Kraven will somehow use the different villains that are spread around New York to further his own agenda in some way. This will most likely appear by using villains like the Lizard and Venom to weaken the heroes before he comes in for the final strike.

For now, we do not know Kraven’s endgame, as his role within Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has been kept quite a secret, but ultimately he will most likely become a secondary villain within the game, as most likely it will focus on Venom and his storyline.


Hopefully we will find out more information regarding Kraven the Hunter and his role within Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but for now all we know is that he will be there and he will be causing a lot of mayhem for our webslingers.

What do you think about Kraven the Hunter and his role in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? Are you looking forward to duking it out with the greatest hunter in Marvel history? Are you looking forward to Sony’s version of Kraven, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, when it releases next year? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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