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Marvel’s Spider-Man 3: 5 Villains We Want Peter Parker Fighting in the Next Instalment

Spider-Man 2 is full of easter eggs and clues about the big baddies from the Spider-Man universe that we might see in the third installment

5 Villains We Want Peter Parker Fighting in the Next Instalment


  • The latest entry by the Insomniac Games, Spider-Man 2 has garnered a lot of praise from the players
  • The game combines the story of Peter Parker and Miles Morales from the previous two games
  • The game also has a number of easter eggs and clues about the villains we might see in the 3rd entry

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was released in October 2023 and is already a huge success and became an instant contender for 2023’s Game of the Year. Taking off after the first Spider-Man game in 2018 and its follow-up, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, in 2020, Insomniac Games put together the best of both worlds! With a hypothetical renewal of the game on its way, here is a list of five antagonists that might be included in a theoretical Spider-Man 3. There are plenty of clues to possible villains scattered through Spider-Man 2‘s narrative.

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1. Green Goblin

Green Goblin from the Spider-Man comic book
Green Goblin from the Spider-Man comic book

Green Goblin is a very obvious one. The ending of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 subtly foreshadowed the arrival of this villain in the next game. It looks like the developers are taking bad guys from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies and incorporating them into their game, but out of order. The first game had Doctor Octopus, followed by Venom and Sandman in the sequel.

2. Carnage

Marvel's Absolute Carnage from Spider-Man comic book
Marvel’s Absolute Carnage from Spider-Man comic book

Carnage’s appearance in Spider-Man 3 is almost guaranteed. Players who have already played the game and are done with the side quests involving Wraith and the Flame know. Cletus Kasady uses many aliases, and Flame is one of them. Comic books describe the character as the serial killer Carnage. Cletus gets in contact with the symbiote by the end of the Flame questline.

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3. Eddie Brock’s Venom

Eddie Brock's Venom
Eddie Brock’s Venom

The main antagonist in Spider-Man 2 is Venom. However, it wasn’t attached to a host. Marvel fans mainly connect Venom with Eddie Brock, but there wasn’t any presence of the character in Spider-Man 2. Insomniac connected the alien symbiote story to Peter’s relationship with Harry Osborn. Even though the big bad guy was defeated in the game, there are chances that Cletus will turn into Carnage. And if there is the possibility of that happening, then it implies that the symbiote is still active. Perhaps Brock will get his symbiote in Spider-Man 3.

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4. Knull

Knull from Spider-Man comic book
Knull from the Spider-Man comic book

There was a specific spiral motif that could be seen on Venom’s meteorite and all those spiral-faced symbiote minions in Spider-Man 2. They are all connected to Knull, the god of symbiotes. Insomniac could’ve subtly tried to hint toward the presence of Knull in the upcoming iteration of the game.

5. Morlun

Morlun from Spider-Man comic book
Morlun from the Spider-Man comic book

It was established in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse that they’re a part of a shared Spider-Man multiverse. Spider-Verse is mainly focused on Miles rather than the original story; there is a chance that Spider-Man 3 could bring Morlun into the cast. Morlun is considered the central antagonist of Spider-Man characters. He and his family called the Inheritors, are supposed to eliminate all Spider-Men from the face of existence.

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