Insomniac Games Internal Data Leak Hits the Internet After the Marvel’s Wolverine Developer Fails to Pay Rhysida’s Ransomware Demand

The Rhysida ransomware gang has published more than 1.5 terabytes of Insomniac’s hacked internal data.

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  • After a cyber-attack on Insomniac Games last week, Rhysida published over 1 million internal files.
  • Extensive details on the upcoming Marvel's Wolverine game are among the leaked data.
  • The posted data includes the developer's planned release schedule for the coming years.
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One week after a hack of Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games, the ransomware gang Rhysida has released more than 1.5 terabytes of the developer’s internal data – including a collection of images and details on the upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine game.


The ransomware attack happened on December 12, after which the hackers threatened to release the entirety of the hacked data after seven days. During that one week, they ran an auction, giving Sony or any other party the opportunity to buy the internal data at a starting price of 50 bitcoins (currently valued at $2.15 million).

Now, minutes after the deadline expired, Rhysida has posted 98% of the hacked data online for the world to see.


Disclaimer: This article does not include any of the spoilers from the leak.

Over 1.5 Terabytes of Insomniac Games’ Internal Data Has Been Posted Online

Major details on the upcoming <em>Marvel's Wolverine</em> game have been leaked after a ransomware attack on Insomniac Games.
Major details on the upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine game have been leaked after a ransomware attack on Insomniac Games.

On December 12, ransomware gang Rhysida claimed to have successfully hacked game developer Insomniac Games’ internal data. Posting several images online as proof of the attack, including copies of select employees’ passports, the gang offered to sell the data to Sony or any buyer ready to pay roughly $2 million. Any unsold intel would be posted online after seven days.

Minutes after the deadline for the ransom had passed, the hackers uploaded roughly 1.67 terabytes of internal data from Insomniac Games to the dark net. Containing more than one million files, the collection of data includes various images, footage, and details on the upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine game, as well as other titles the studio has planned and in development.


According to a statement by the ransomware gang, it has posted 98% of the internal data it had collected during the cyber-attack. Claiming that all unsold data was published, it appears that 2% of the entire data set had indeed been sold after the initial breach.

The leaked data includes a large selection of files, including employees’ personal data and the contents of their PCs, as well as troves of details on upcoming game projects.

Marvel’s Wolverine Footage and Future Projects Among the Leaked Data

Besides <em>Marvel’s Wolverine</em> the leaked files include details on various upcoming titles.
Besides Marvel’s Wolverine leaked files include details on various upcoming titles.

The data published online includes countless images, details, and plans regarding the upcoming Wolverine game. The leaked files include concept art, level, and character designs, as well as the entire voice cast and locations in the game.


It also includes various gameplay details, with animations from the game as well as test footage showing various aspects such as the game’s combat, traversal, and further gameplay mechanics.

Going further than Wolverine, the leak also entails details on upcoming projects that Insomniac seemingly has in the works, including further games based on X-Men characters. Hacked files include planned release dates for several announced and unannounced projects from various IPs.

The data goes into detail such as the planned budgets for certain games, as well as sales data on past titles by the developer.


Apart from game details, the ransomware gang has also published various internal HR documents, and the contents of several employees’ PCs, including screenshots of internal Slack channels. Rhysida’s initial proof of its hack also included copies of employees’ passports, reportedly also that of Peter Parker voice actor Yuri Lowenthal. It is currently not clear if these are among the documents published online.

Following the attack on December 12, Sony started an investigation into the hack. A spokesperson stated at the time that the company had no reason to believe that SIE or Sony divisions had been breached by the attack.

Rhysida’s ransomware attack is just the latest in a series of hacks. The gang was also behind the cyber-attack on the British Library in November. In a statement to the Australian outlet Cyber Daily, the hackers claimed money was the only motive behind the hack, and stated that Insomniac Games was “an easy target.”


The developer and Sony are yet to comment on the leak of more than 1.5 terabyte of internal data.

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