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Matt Reeves is STILL Directing ‘The Batman’ for Warner Bros.

Rumors of a possible departure of director Matt Reeves from the Batman solo movie have been making their way across the internet over the last few days. YouTube personality… John Campea states some interesting things in his latest episodes of Open Mic about the future of the DC Extended Universe which seemingly opened the flood gates on rumors of Matt Reeves’ departure.

Here is the full quote by Campea:

“Earlier today, I found out something regarding Warner Bros and the DC Cinematic Universe that I know is 100 percent true, and if I were to say what it is, people would lose their banana minds, and not in a good way. “

Umberto Gonzalez, from The Wrap, is trying to put those rumors to rest after speaking with an individual close to Reeves assured him that the “Apes” director is still hard at work writing the script. This news was further solidified the the man himself (Reeves) on Twitter…

It is safe to say that Reeves (as of right now) is still on board to direct the solo Batman film. Whether or not it is set in the DCEU, Ben Affleck will be staring, or who the antagonist will be still remain to be seen.  Warner Bros. has been rather “hush hush” about the movies going forward. I guess we will just have to wait and see!

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