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MCU: 5 Unexpected Brutal Deaths Of Side Characters

MCU 5 Unexpected Brutal Deaths Of Side Characters

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has offered fans all over the world family-friendly movies that have spanned through the years. And while MCU remains to keep its general audience, most fans would ask for a little bit of violence thrown in. Hence, the deaths of many characters.

In most of the scenes where the Avengers fight, there are a lot of collateral damages that need to be carried out in order for the story to move forward. Some minor characters need to face a timely demise albeit in a shocking way. Here’s a list of the side characters from MCU who died in a brutal manner:

Nico (Falcon & The Winter Soldier)

Nico MCU

Perhaps the most shocking of all deaths, Nico’s fate was met with a gruesome end. During a huge fight between Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, and the ruthless John Walker, the latter’s partner was killed. In his rage, he went after Nico who received his fury helplessly.

The sickening scene showed Walker bringing Nico down while repeatedly hitting him with the shield as people watch. With only few graphic hints, it is implied that Nico was decapitated. This left the audience in total shock as they watch the credits roll on the screen.

Jack Taggart (Iron Man 3)

Jack Taggart MCU

Iron Man fans have mixed feelings towards this film, but despite so, one cannot deny it has some shocking scenes that are too violent for young audiences. The antagonist Aldrich Killian has been working on a serum called Extremis and experimenting on human subjects. While this science project of his has wondrous effects on the human DNA, the setbacks are much worse.

One of the recipients of the serum is Jack Taggart, an ex-soldier recruited by AIM. He was made to believe that the serum would make him stronger, but then, his body started glowing, and the next thing the audience saw was the explosion of the Chinese theatre.

Hydra Soldier (Captain America: The First Avenger)

Hydra MCU

No one cares about Hydra soldiers because their allegiance to their evil leader is unacceptable. While no one really focuses on their deaths, there is one that truly made the viewers’ stomachs turn.

During a clash with Captain America inside a plane, one Hydra soldier faced his death inside the propeller. He was thrown off the jet and was sucked in between the fans. The grating sound made the scene more revolting to watch.

Heinrich Schäfer (The Avengers)

Heinrich Schafer Loki

The name probably does not ring a bell, at least after all these years, but Heinrich Schafër is the guy whom Loki took an eye out in The Avengers. The god of mischief crashed a party and dragged Schafër to the center table, took out a device, and poked it in the man’s eyeball.

This action eventually killed the scientist, and the fact that Loki still managed to smile after what he did was beyond comprehension.

Carina (Guardians Of The Galaxy)

Carina MCU

The Infinity Stones are all too-powerful and something that is not to be played with. Despite the threat, the Collector’s assistant Carina stole the power stone to escape the cruelty of her boss. This rash decision only ended her life and suffering for good.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.