MCU Heroes Moon Knight Should Definitely Ask For Help In Upcoming Episodes

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Moon Knight Episode 3 led to wild and cryptic revelations. The Ennead are here and they have paved the way for Ammit to make her move. But Moon Knight is not alone. The MCVU is full of heroes who are just a call away from coming to Marc Spector’s aid.


These MCU Heroes are the best shot Moon Knight has to increase his chances of defeating Arthur Harrow. They would be a huge help for Marc if they appeared in upcoming Moon Knight episodes.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange - Sorcerer Supreme
Doctor Strange – Sorcerer Supreme

He is the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s foremost authority on magic and mysticism. His depth of knowledge would be very well-suited for Moon Knight’s crusade against Ammit and Harrow. Doctor Strange has teamed up with Moon Knight in the comic books. Marc has been a part of the Midnight Sons, a team of supernatural themed heroes founded by Strange.


Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum houses arcane data of epic proportions. From ancient events to dark and mystic entities, Strange would have information on anything and everything under the sun. He could have easily helped Moon Knight decipher the location to Ammit’s tomb without Khonshu resorting to such drastic measures.


Blade - Mahershala Ali
Blade – Mahershala Ali

His crusade is against vampires. But like Marc, Blade also has a supernatural angle that comes into the picture. In the comic books, Blade is an accomplished fighter. His vampiric abilities give him an edge over almost all humans. Moon Knight has found himself in a fix quite a lot of times. Blade has way more experience in the magical macabre than Marc.

Blade’s skills do not just end with his swords and knives. He is an exceptional strategist and is very resourceful, always quick on his feet. Marc would definitely benefit from having such a wise ally by his side.


Iron Fist

Iron Fist MCU
Iron Fist – Danny Rand

Danny Rand is one of the strongest fighters in Marvel comics history. He holds the power of the Iron Fist in his hands. His chi powered abilities have a major arcane quotient. And that plays into the Moon Knight angle.

Danny Rand also has a depth of resources at his disposal thanks to his multi-millionaire fortune. Marc Spector, unlike in the comics, is not a billionaire anymore. So danny Rand’s help would not only come in the help of lending a hand but also sharing valuable resources with him.

The Punisher

Frank Castle - The Punisher
Frank Castle – The Punisher

What does Frank Castle bring to the table that other MCU heroes don’t? He is just a normal human being and has access to no superpowers. So why is he on the list? Well because HE IS THE PUNISHER for crying out loud. The only hero we would rate as bloodier and grittier than Marc Spector is Frank Castle.


Frank castle is a legend amongst criminals of the underworld. He doesn’t need magic or sorcery to get things done. Just give him a loaded pistol and show him the way. A few days and a million dead bodies later, even Ammit would be asking where did her disciples go.

Black Panther

Black Panther MCU
Black Panther MCU

The legendary Chadwick Boseman may be no more. But Wakanda was, is, and always will be forever. Wakanda still exists in the MCU and so does the Black Panther mantle. Someone else is bound to eat the heart shaped herb and become the new champion of the Panther Tribe.

The Panther tribe’s Goddess – Bast, has deep connections to Egyptian mythology. If Ammit and her followers are making a move, Bast, a member of the Ennead, should also be involved. Black Panther has the resources of an entire nation. He has the Black Panther suit as well as an entire army that could easily drive any fanatic cult back into the hole it crawled out of.



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