MCU Heroes That Never Let Their Disabilities Stop Them From Being Badass

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Marvel is making more and more MCU Heroes with disabilities their flagship characters in upcoming projects. We aren’t complaining though. 2022 and beyond is the era of MCU heroes with disabilities. They teach us that even in the shadow of the valley of despair, there’s hope. And all it takes is to never give up and keep persevering.

MCU Heroes With Disabilities
MCU Heroes With Disabilities

Hawkeye Doesn’t Let His Hearing Issues Stop Him From Kicking A** & Taking Names

Hawkeye - Hearing Aids
Hawkeye – Hearing Aids

Let’s not forget that the Avengers seldom lost a battle when Clint Barton was involved. Hawkeye is by far one of the meanest and most badass MCU Heroes. And he is not without his limitations. Hawkeye suffers from Noise Induced Hearing Loss or NIHL. He lost 80% of his hearing ability after his served in SHIELD and later in the Avengers. Despite being a man, he competes with Gods and monsters and earns his place in the Original 6.

NIHL is a condition that leads to extreme tinnitus and can cause sleep disorders in the long run. Life becomes a lot difficult if you don’t use hearing aids and Hawkeye uses them in the series.


Doctor Strange Suffers From Post Surgery Nerve Damage & Is Still The Best Sorcerer Supreme

Doctor Strange - Kamar-Taj Dog Scene
Doctor Strange – Kamar-Taj Dog Scene

Stephen Strange started out as a brat and an arrogant piece of shyte. But his accident and surgery would humble him down. A botched up surgery to repair the nerves in his hands backfired and he lost motor control in his limbs. He searched far and wide for a cure but to no avail.

Stephen takes back control of his life after learning magic. But when the 2016 movie ends with him wearing the cape of the Sorcerer Supreme, his hands are still trembling. Strange set out into the world of the supernatural to cure himself. Instead, he made his peace with his disability and did not let it dictate the rest of his life.

Moon Knight Suffers From Dissociative Identity Disorder But It Only Makes Him One Of The Strongest MCU Heroes

How does marc have 2 souls in Duat
Marc Spector and Steven Grant in Episode 5

The latest addition to Hall of Fame of MCU Heroes, Marc Spector is Moon Knight. The Fist of Vengeance of the Egyptian God Khonshu has his own share of problems. He suffers from the gravest of cases of Dissociative Identity Disorder, a condition where the mind fractures to create multiple, different personas.


But does it mean Marc is incapable of protecting the travellers of the night? As a matter of fact, Khonshu chose Marc because he was interesting as a host. Steven Grant ends up aiding Marc’s crusade. His expertise in Egyptology was how they deciphered the location to the Tomb of Ammit.

Captain America Suffered A Myriad Of Health Issues & He Went On To Become One Of The Greatest MCU Heroes

Steve Rogers – Before The Serum

Steve Rogers was born a weak and timid human being. He would lose to the scrawniest of men. And even when he tried joining the armed forces, they turned him down. He was just THAT weak. People say everything special about Captain America came out of a bottle. That is the farthest thing from the truth.

Steve was ten times the man than most MCU heroes because he was pure of heart. He would go as far as needed to do the right thing. From jumping over a ‘live’ grenade to picking up Mjolnir, he was worthy of being the greatest of all MCU heroes way before he became the super soldier.


Daredevil Can’t See & Yet His Enemies Never See Him Coming

Matt Murdock - MCU
Matt Murdock – MCU

Matt Murdock is a genius blind lawyer by day and a brutal vigilante who punishes all evildoers by night. The long arm of the law is not long enough for some criminals. So Matt becomes the longsword when he dons the Daredevil suit.

He may not be able to see but do not think of him as weak. Hollywood needs more MCU Heroes like Daredevil because they inspire so many people with disabilities. Anyone, and we mean ANYONE, can be badass. Daredevil proves it every day.


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