‘MCU Iron Man SLAMS Homelander and it isn’t close’: Robert Downey Jr Fans are Attacking The Boys Fans Online With the Most Absurd Superhero Showdown

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With the many superhero worlds on screens at the moment, fans have been introduced to many superheroes including Iron Man, Batman, Captain America, and many more. Now with so many superheroes to follow and storylines to dissect, a comparison is inevitable. Whether it is comparing plots, CGI, or even the tonality of the universes, fans have their own sides picked and they seem to stand firm with their opinions.  

Homelander in The Boys

Apart from the two mega superhero universes, DCU and MCU, there is another satirical world that has fans going crazy over it – The Boys. Amazon Prime Video’s superhero world is a much gorier universe that supposedly shows the real side of the world’s mightiest heroes. Now, another debate has sprung up. Iron Man vs. Homelander, who will emerge victorious?

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Team Iron Man vs. Team Homelander

Robert Downey Jr FandomWire
Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man

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The ongoing Iron Man vs. Homelander debate has fans standing firm on their sides. Most of the debaters are convinced that the Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist will obliterate the Superman dupe. Sure Homelander has the laser eyes that can cut the guy in half, but Iron Man’s suit was able to withstand the energy surge of all the six infinity stones. Plus, Tony being the genius he is, surely he would’ve made his suit stronger than lasers?

On the other hand, Homelander is an enhanced and powerful superhero (or might we say supervillain). However, he often doesn’t think strategically on the battlefield as we have seen him lose his cool multiple times in a fight, giving an advantage to his opponent. He is all about his powers. Iron Man though, as seen in Captain America: Civil War, was able to analyze Captain America’s moves and use them against him with the help of his suit.





So while the Internet has taken its sides, the vast majority agrees that Homelander stands no chance in front of Iron Man, especially the Endgame Iron Man. The guy survived a fall from space and took blows from the infinity stone-bearing Thanos himself! However, like Captain America said, “Big man in a suit of armour. Take that off, what are you?” Would Tony Stark’s ego and genius mind be enough to take on Homelander?

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Other Marvel Superheroes Who Would Destroy Homelander

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda in Multiverse of Madness
Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda in Multiverse of Madness

While Iron Man winning the fight is debatable, there are a few superheroes in the MCU against whom Homelander stands absolutely no chance, starting off with pre-infinity War Hulk. The angry green avenger has time and again proven that he isn’t one to be messed with. Hulk is just like Homelander. They’re both angry and they both don’t think. The latter just might have to take a step back in this fight.

Another superhero that can defeat Homelander in a snap is the Scarlet Witch. Especially in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness Wanda proved why she isn’t one to take up a fight with. She can and will leave her enemy speechless, quite literally. Wanda’s magic and illusions are way too powerful for Homelander to deal with. His laser beam eyes won’t know what’s coming for them! Combine her with Doctor Strange and you’ve got a dream team and a nightmare for enemies.

Good luck to Homelander if he ever finds himself standing face-to-face with these superheroes.


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