“MCU is done”: Brie Larson’s The Marvels Pre-Sales is Lower Than Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, Ezra Miller’s The Flash

With Brie Larson starring in the upcoming MCU movie The Marvels, it seems that the MCU is done for a while with low presales tickets!

"MCU is done": Brie Larson's The Marvels Pre-Sales is Lower Than Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam, Ezra Miller's The Flash


  • The Marvels seems to have a preselling even lower than Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam and Ezra Miller's The Flash.
  • The Marvels might be one of the biggest downfalls of the MCU in history.
  • The director of The Marvels, Nia DaCosta abruptly left the production before the movie was ready to be released.
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It seems that the time has finally come. With most of the original Avengers gone or retired, Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel seems to be taking the lead. In the MCU’s best attempt to simplify their now-chaotic universe, The Marvels is an upcoming MCU movie that seems to have failure written in its destiny.


With presales tickets and promotions in the mix, The Marvels seems to have a preselling even lower than Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam and Ezra Miller’s The Flash! If the failure will indeed become a reality, this will probably be one of the biggest downfalls of the MCU in history!

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel
Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

Brie Larson’s The Marvels Seems To Be The Doom of The MCU!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe flourished in 2008 when Robert Downey Jr. starred in the titular character of Tony Stark in Iron Man. With movies releasing every year and setting up the MCU, it all came to an ultimate finale in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame with the death of Iron Man.

Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan
Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan

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Ever since Avengers: Endgame, the MCU has seen quite a downfall. With an emphasis on television series and the MCU connecting with the Disney+ series, there were several ups and downs in the universe. With Brie Larson helming an ensemble cast with The Marvels, the pre-sales ticket for the upcoming movie is quite low.

As people clamored for the MCU to be better, fans took to Twitter to talk about how the MCU is probably done and over.


And the cherry on the top is that the director of Brie Larson’s The Marvels abruptly left the production before the movie was ready to be released!

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The Marvels’ Director Left The Movie Before Post-Production!

Brie Larson and Robert Downey Jr.
Brie Larson and Robert Downey Jr.

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With the first film raking in over a billion dollars worldwide, the movie received mixed reviews. Setting up Iman Vellani as Ms Marvel and Monica Rambeau from WandaVision, Nia DaCosta worked as the director of The Marvels.

As per a recent report, Nia DaCosta left the movie after filming ended since she wanted to focus more on her personal project. Leaving the movie before its post-production was finished, a Variety article revealed the words of an insider.

“If you’re directing a $250 million movie, it’s kind of weird for the director to leave with a few months to go,” a source close to the production spoke.

With low presale tickets and the stake of the MCU at hand, we sure hope that Brie Larson and the other superheroines can team up together and pull the MCU out of the sinking ship. The Marvels is slated for a release date of 10 November 2023 in theaters across the U.S.


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