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MCU’s Boss Kevin Feige Fired Marvel Studio President After Disappointing Box Office Numbers in Phase 4? Mystery Debunked

MCU's Boss Kevin Feige Fired Marvel Studio President After Disappointing Box Office Numbers in Phase 4? Mystery Debunked

Kevin Feige has slowly been trying to fix the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Phase 4’s heavily underwhelming performance. Marvel Studios has lately been seeing a downfall in their quality because of their choice of prioritizing quantity over quality. The movies and series all had mixed reviews, leading Disney to delay various projects for the fifth phase.

Kevin Feige
Kevin Feige

Whether it is damage control or an attempt to fix what otherwise seemed like it could repel the audience, MCU and Fiege have made some tough decisions. For this process, Victoria Alonso was released from her position as President of the physical and post-production, visual effects, and animation production. After seventeen years, she has now officially stepped down from Marvel Studios.

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Victoria Alonso’s Firing Might Benefit Kevin Feige’s MCU

Victoria Alonso was recently fired from Marvel Studios after the fourth phase was not up to the mark. Fans were disappointed with it, especially after the success of Infinity Saga. The exact reason for Alonso being fired is still unknown. However, it was said that the decision had been mutual on Disney and her end. Kevin Feige chose to stay out of the situation, neither wanting to go forward with the idea nor being completely against it. The final call had been of the Co-chairman of Disney Entertainment, Alan Bergman.

Victoria Alonso and Kevin Feige
Victoria Alonso and Kevin Feige

Alonso was in charge of all the post-filming work as well as the visual effects of Marvel Studios projects. These were the aspects that had been highly criticized by fans and critics alike recently. The news to increase Disney+’s range resulted in the downfall of quality and questionable visual effects. In order to get back on track, it was necessary to make changes. Not all of them have to be good decisions upfront. However, this could very easily benefit the franchise and help it regain its lost glory.

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How Can Firing Victoria Alonso Change The Tides For Marvel?

While the MCU had a mixed response to most of its projects, some movies like Spider-Man: No Way Home and shows like Moon Knight became groundbreaking for the franchise. Unfortunately, most of its projects were far from what the audience had wanted. Although there is no surety about whether Victoria Alonso’s position would be left empty or replaced, steps have certainly been taken toward improving the franchise and bringing the fans back to it with top-quality content.

Victoria Alonso BlackWidowFanScreening

With this, fans would finally be able to get the content that they want with the desired quality of visual effects. Moreover, a major change of such scale only increases the hope of the fans.

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Source: Variety

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