MCU’s Boss Kevin Feige Might Just Have Listened to Fans’ Request, Exciting Report on a New Marvel Character’s MCU Debut

A potential live-action debut for the MCU's first non-comic original superhero might be on the cards.

MCU's Boss Kevin Feige Might Just Have Listened to Fans' Request, Exciting Report on a New Marvel Character's MCU Debut


  • After instantly becoming a fan-favorite, the MCU superhero Kahhori, who isn't from the pages of comics, might be heading for a live-action debut.
  • Fans of the character, who was in the most beloved episode of the 'What If...?' Season 2, are enthralled by the rumors.
  • If this ends up being the case, MCU already has the perfect actor set for live-action Kahhori.
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While 2023 was an underwhelming year for Kevin Feige’s MCU, at least the cinematic giant got to end the year on a comparatively high note with  What If…? Season 2. Despite a few hiccups here and there, overall, the sequel was a major step up from the original series released in 2021, and most importantly, it introduced the world MCU’s first original superhero.


Released two days after the jolliest day of the year, What If… Kahhori Reshaped The World? instantly became the most talked about and loved episodes of the show. Its most beloved aspect was the introduction of MCU’s first superhero, who wasn’t taken from the pages of the comics, Kahhori, and per rumors, she might be heading soon toward her live-action debut.

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Kahhori | What If...? Season 2
Kahhori | What If…? Season 2

Kevin Feige Rumored to Bring MCU’s First Superhero Detached From the Comics to Live-Action

The sixth episode witnessed the debut of Kahhori, a young Mohawk woman, who became MCU’s first original superhero after the Tesseract crash-landed in the Haudenosaunee Confederacy of pre-colonial America. And even though moving this route to craft an original story as opposed to emphasizing single choices that led to an alternate reality was bold on Marvel’s part, Kahhori instantly became a fan-favorite. This led to fans campaigning for Kahhori in live-action, and it seems Kevin Feige might be meeting the fans’ demand as per rumors she might mark her live-action debut within the next four years.



With Secret Wars slated for a release in 2027, it’s possible Kahhori’s potential live-action debut might take place in the multiversal showdown, and the MCU already has the perfect actor for the part.

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MCU Boss Kevin Feige
MCU Boss Kevin Feige

The Original VA Is Perfect to Play Kahhori in Live-Action

Considering Kahhori’s VA voiced her to perfection in What If…?, getting the original voice artist, Devery Jacobs, back for the superhero’s potential live-action debut seems par for the course. Being a Canadian Mohawk herself, accompanied by her prowess behind the mic, it’s pretty possible MCU might not look past her when it comes to Kahhori’s eventual debut. Even though Jacobs isn’t playing the native superhero in Echoes, she can still reprise Kahhori in future storylines, thanks to the multiverse, if it falls in the Kevin Feige-led MCU’s interests.


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Devery Jacobs
Devery Jacobs in Echo

While it’s important to note that it’s all rumors, following the reception to Kahhori in the animated show, it’s not hard to see why it will be in Kevin Feige’s best interests to bring her for more. But with a season 3 of What If…? on the cards, fans might at least get to witness her back in the realm of animation soon.

What If…? is available to stream on Disney+.


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