Sad News For Marvel Fans as Kevin Feige Might Just Have Abandoned His Plans For Another Avengers Like Superheroes Team

The Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight unlikely to appear in the MCU according to a new report from insider Charles Murphy

Kevin Feige - the man behind the MCU
Kevin Feige - the man behind the MCU


  • Kevin Feige is reportedly an admirer of the Alpha Flight, who are often called Canadian Avengers from Marvel Comics.
  • Insider Charles Murphy tweeted that there are no immediate plans to introduce the characters in the MCU.
  • The Alpha Flight's history with Wolverine and unique character designs would make them a fantastic addition to the MCU.
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is still waiting for the proper introduction of the X-Men years after the studio secured the rights to the characters. Kevin Feige has expressed his admiration for the X-Men several times in the past. However, a project centering solely upon the Mutants is yet to come to fruition despite a few X-Men characters making an appearance in the MCU.

Kevin Feige
Kevin Feige

According to reports, one such rumored project has fallen out of favor at Marvel Studios. A new report indicates while there were once plans to introduce the X-Men adjacent team the Alpha Flight to the MCU, those plans have since been scrapped. Here is what insider Charles Murphy said about a potential Alpha Flight project and everything you need to know about the superhero team from the pages of Marvel Comics.

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Marvel Insider Casts Doubt on Alpha Flight’s MCU Debut

As the MCU inches closer to the eventual incorporation of the X-Men in the MCU, fans have long speculated about the projects that would shine a light on these characters. According to insider Charles Murphy, who has previously shared accurate scoops about the MCU, a project centering on the comic book Canadian superhero team, Alpha Flight, was likely being planned.

The Alpha Flight in The Uncanny X-Men #121
The Alpha Flight in The Uncanny X-Men #121

Murphy revealed that after Disney acquired 21st Century Fox in 2019, there were whispers of a project centering on the Alpha Flight. Murphy stated that these rumors stemmed from Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige’s admiration for the Alpha Flight roster of characters from Marvel Comics. However, in the years since the acquisition, there has been no further update on the rumored project.

As a result, while it is uncertain whether such a project was ever in development, it seems evident from Murphy’s report that there are no immediate plans to introduce Alpha Flight in the MCU. Therefore, fans hoping to see an iteration of the classic Mutant superhero team in live-action will likely have to wait much longer. However, Feige’s admiration for the characters could mean that an Alpha Flight project could materialize in the future.


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Alpha Flight Could Be a Great Addition to the MCU

Created by John Byrne, the Alpha Flight is a team of Canadian mutant superheroes that first debuted in 1979’s The Uncanny X-Men #120, in a cameo appearance, before making their full debut in the following issue. Although originally created to expand upon the backstory of X-Men member Wolverine, the Alpha Flight gained recognition for their unique Canadian attributes and are often described as Canada’s version of the Avengers.

The Alpha Flight as depicted in Marvel Comics
Kevin Feige admires the Alpha Flight, as depicted in Marvel Comics

The Alpha Flight roster has comprised several interesting characters including James Hudson/Guardian, who can manipulate magnetic fields; twins Northstar and Aurora, who have super speed and light manipulation powers; Sasquatch, who transforms into a hulking monster; Shaman, a doctor with sorcery skills; and Snowbird, an Inuit demi-goddess. The team has also been featured in popular comic book stories such as Chaos War, Fear Itself, and Secret Empire.


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Given the team’s history with Wolverine who will debut in the MCU with Deadpool 3 and their status as Canadian Avengers in the comics, there is a strong case for the Alpha Flight to join the MCU. The team’s introduction would infuse the MCU with a fresh take on the Mutants, distinct from the previous Fox X-Men films. At the same time, their fun and quirky characteristics could help explore the geopolitical conflicts in the MCU after the Mutants are properly introduced.

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