Melissa Fumero Had a Crush on Her Future Husband, David Fumero, When She Was Only 13 Years Old

Melissa Fumero was obsessed with David Fumero in Mariah Carey's 'Honey' music video years before they met and got married.

melissa fumero had a crush on her future husband, david fumero, when she was only 13 years old


  • Melissa Fumero met and fell in love with husband, David Fumero, on the set of the soap opera 'One Life to Live'.
  • However, Fumero had a huge crush on him years earlier when she was obsessed with the actor's appearance in a Mariah Carey video.
  • When Fumero realized this only two months into dating him, she tried to play it cool despite being stunned.
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Melissa Fumero married her One Life to Live co-star, David Fumero, in 2007 after a year of dating. When the two first started dating, little did the Blockbuster actress know he was her childhood crush. David Fumero had briefly appeared in one of Mariah Carey’s music videos, Honey, and Melissa Fumero, who was 13 at the time, was obsessed with him.

David Fumero and Melissa Fumero in One Life to Live
David Fumero and Melissa Fumero in One Life to Live

David Fumero played Cristian Vega on One Life to Live from 1998 to 2011 and met the Bar Fight! actress, who was a regular on the show from 2004 to 2008. Fumero achieved her breakthrough role as Detective Amy Santiago in the police procedural comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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Melissa Fumero Had A Huge Childhood Crush On Her Future Husband

Melissa Fumero on the Steve Harvey talk show
Melissa Fumero on the Steve Harvey talk show

Melissa Fumero appeared on the Steve Harvey talk show and discussed an interesting coincidence that happened in her love life. Host Steve Harvey reminded her of husband David Fumero’s appearance in Mariah Carey’s Honey music video. Fumero revealed that she had a massive crush on the “hot guy” at the end of the video.

She recalled that the video played all the time on MTV, and she would be furious when the channel cut short the video without showing him. She shared with Steve Harvey:

“This video played all the time on MTV and I was like 13 or 14, and I was obsessed with the hot guy at the end of the video. I would get so mad at MTV when they would cut the video short. You’d be like, ‘There’s still 20 seconds left on the song! There’s still the hot guy at the end of the video!’”

Fumero further revealed that she had a “never-date-an-actor” rule before meeting David Fumero. For the same reason, she was hesitant to go out with her co-star. When Harvey asked whether she realized that he was the same guy from the Mariah Carey video, Fumero responded, “I didn’t know this was the situation I was dealing with.”


Harvey was visibly shocked and expressed his disappointment at Fumero for not realizing the man she had been obsessed with since she was 13 years old. She revealed that it was not until two months into dating that she realized she was dating her childhood crush. Fumero’s co-star from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Stephanie Beatriz, was enjoying her story, appearing alongside her on the show.

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Melissa Fumero Had To Pull Herself Together After She Realized Who She Was Dating

David Fumero and Melissa Fumero
David Fumero and Melissa Fumero (credits: @melissafumero)

Melissa Fumero revealed that it casually came out in a conversation during one of their dates. David Fumero told her that he had appeared in a Mariah Carey video, without mentioning which video. It was at this point that she realized who she was dating. She asked him if he was in the Honey music video at the end, to which he concurred.


Fumero was stunned by the information, and she excused herself to the bathroom to pull herself together. Once she returned to her table, she tried to play it cool and diverted the conversation by asking, “How was Mariah?”. Fumero eventually decided he was the one and got hitched in 2007.

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They have two sons, Enzo, born in 2016, and Axel, born in 2020. Axel was born on February 14 and Fumero shared on her Instagram that this made Valentine’s Day her new favorite holiday.


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