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Meryl Streep Avoided Brad Pitt For Five Years For All the Wrong Reasons

Meryl Streep Avoided Brad Pitt For Five Years For All the Wrong Reasons

Known far and wide for his natural charm and knack for bringing some of the best performances in the Hollywood industry, Brad Pitt has been one of the elites of the celebrity world for quite some time now, which has led his career to be filled with exciting experiences, be it from working on a project or from the people he has worked with till date.

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

Thus, there have been many from within Hollywood who have been sticking with him for a long time. But despite his persona and influence, there have been people that have steered clear of the star’s gaze, especially Meryl Streep. The reason for this has to do with none other than Hollywood star George Clooney, who initiated a prank that made Streep avoid Pitt for the better part of a decade.

Why George Clooney Played The Prank on Brad Pitt

George Clooney and Brad Pitt
George Clooney and Brad Pitt

The reason someone from Hollywood Royalty like Meryl Streep would intentionally avoid Brad Pitt has to do with what he did to co-star in Ocean’s 11 George Clooney. During the shoot of the film which had both of them playing major roles, Pitt and Clooney, along with their other co-stars including Matt Damon and Julia Roberts, decided to take a small trip in Italy where the shoot was taking place. here, The Bullet Train star decided to have some fun.

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During an interview with Howard Stern, Clooney revealed that during the time they were traversing the roads of the city, Pitt decided to play a prank on him by putting up fake signs all around the city, which informed the fans to call the Batman and Robin star as Danny Ocean when they catch him walking down the streets. This was taken seriously by everybody, and the treatment had begun. Clooney said:

“He’d put up posters all around town saying Clooney demanded his fans in Italy call him Danny Ocean, the character from the films. “It got in the papers, I thought they were nuts … as if Danny Ocean is a character you really need to get into,”

Thus, Clooney decided after that incident that he was going to get back at Pitt in one way or the other, which came in the form of making Streep think his co-star was an oddball.

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What Lead Meryl Streep To Stay Away From Brad Pitt

Meryl Streep and Brad Pitt
Meryl Streep and Brad Pitt

With the plan in mind, the Out of Sight actor decided to initiate the prank by sending a card with Brad Pitt’s name and a small note that made the entire thing sound like a shady deal. As Streep was readying herself to play the role of Margret Thatcher in The Iron Lady, she was to talk in an accent, which Clooney took advantage of and sent the card which supposedly contained Pitt’s vocal accent trainer from Troy. the star said:

“I sent that thing of voices to her, the greatest actress of all time … and I sent it from Brad with a card that said ‘Dear Meryl, I hear you’re going to play the Iron lady. This guy helped me with my accent in “Troy. Meryl said she avoided Brad for like five years,”

Thus, the play of the prank was finally avenged by Clooney, although he did go a little overboard with his play.

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