Miek’s Split-Second Easter Egg Spoils Thor: Love and Thunder

Miek's Split-Second Easter Egg Spoils Thor: Love and Thunder

With Thor: Love and Thunder having been in cinemas for three weeks now, fans have been pouring over every single frame to find the smallest details, whether it be simple easter eggs in the film itself, something hinting at future releases, or in this case Miek’s split-second easter egg spoiling the entirely of the film.

Miek’s Split-Second Easter Egg

One particularly eagle-eyed viewer on Reddit has noticed a rather overt spoiler for the entire film during their latest re-watch. During a small scene with Miek, mid-way through the film, Miek is seen standing in front of a whiteboard, with seemingly meaningless doodles behind him. However, on closer inspection, these doodles are the entire film storyboarded, from the initial scene with Gorr at the start, to the end scene of Love and Thunder running, and everything in between.

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Whilst you would struggle to have noticed this in real-time, and certainly not been able to decipher it in the time it was on screen to have any meaningful impact on your viewing of the film, it’s definitely in keeping with Taiki Waititi’s unique brand of storytelling to spoil his own film.

I’m sure once the film is available on Disney+ we’ll be noticing even more easter eggs thrown in there, but for now, Miek’s split-second easter egg spoiling the whole film definitely stands out as the biggest so far. Not so much consequential to the future of the MCU as it is just plain ballsy for a director to get away with this in a flagship MCU release. Plus, more Miek in a film sorely lacking of her is always good, whatever the reason!

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