Thor: Love and Thunder Theory Might Have Revealed Who Wielded the Necrosword Before Gorr (& It’s Not Knull)

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Released on July 8 in theatres, the latest installment to the Thor franchise sees the titular character team up with his ex-girlfriend in preventing the gods from going extinct. The previous films saw Thor go through many adventures, expanding the MCU, and Thor: Love and Thunder does the same.

Thor: Love and Thunder
Director of Thor: Ragnarok Taika Waititi returns to the franchise for its fourth installment.

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Introducing Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher, the actor puts up the best performance amongst the bunch. We see the character wield a weapon known famously as the Necrosword, which has the special ability to kill gods.


Necroswords in the comics

In the comics, the Necrosword has been wielded by many individuals, including the creator of the symbiote ‘Knull’, the Dark Elf of Svartalfheim ‘Malekith’, Conan the Barbarian, and Venom-infected Eddie Brock.

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Gorr wielding the Necrosword facing off Thor.

The sword is significantly stronger in the comics and far more durable. Being the first creator, Knull created the sword by morphing the first symbiote All-Black. The same word was later wielded by Gorr, All-Father Thor, and Galactus but in different forms.


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Necrosword in Love and Thunder

In the MCU, the origins of the sword are still a mystery, even though theorized to be made by Hela too, the Necrosword wielded by Gorr is considered completely different. Primarily, the sword looks different and the creator is also theorized to be someone else.

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The God Butcher gains the All-Black Necrosword, created by Knull in the comics. But here’s where things become complicated; since Knull is the creator of the symbiotes and the symbiotes are a Sony property, Marvel can’t casually reference it.

Knull wielding the original Necrosword: All-Black.

Though, since the sword was related to the Shadow Realm and it corrupted its users through an infection, it’s been theorized that one of the owners was the ruler of the shadow realm, Kaa. Though not particularly famous, the ruler has faced off against the Marvel heroes on many occasions.

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The inclusion of Kaa also allows Marvel to deepen the lore. Being centuries old, the sword could’ve easily been wielded by Kaa before being passed down to Gorr.

Thor: Love and Thunder is now in theatres.

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